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Tenacious D | Post-Apocalypto

The D's post-holocaust cartoon is out of this world. The album? Not so much.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And Tenacious D feel fine. Too bad Jack Black and Kyle Gass also felt like putting most of their time and effort into creating a cartoon web series instead of writing an album this time around. And it shows: Their Post-Apocalypto series is an adult-oriented 75-minute musical-comedy adventure in which Jables and Kage survive nuclear holocaust, help repopulate the Earth, go to space and fight to save the planet by helping the Terminator and a clan of dragon-riding cave women battle their elderly time-travelling son from the future for control of alien technology — unless it was all just a dream. And it’s every bit as entertainingly nuts as it sounds. The album, on the other hand, consists of just 20 minutes of music and 10 minutes of dialogue excerpted from the series. It isn’t very funny, it barely makes sense and the songs aren’t developed enough to stand on their own. On the plus side: Dave Grohl plays drums. Still, instead of forking out for the album, I suggest you just watch the cartoon for free below and call it a day. After all, missing out on a Tenacious D album isn’t the end of the world.

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