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Indie Roundup | Six New Tracks to Sample Right Now

Flesh Eaters rise, The Glands double back, Ellevator hit the basement, Jeremy Dutcher gets remixed and more,

On today’s lineup: The Flesh Eaters rise, The Glands double back, Ellevator head for the basement, Jeremy Dutcher gets remixed and more new indie happenings.

1 | L.A. punk supergroup The Flesh Eaters — featuring Chris D, Dave Alvin, John Doe, Bill Bateman, Steve Berlin and DJ Bonebrake — have reunited for a new album titled I Used To Be Pretty. It comes out Jan. 19, but you can check out the first single Cinderella. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Cinderella, a 1965 single by the rampaging Seattle garage-punk band The Sonics, has been a fixture of The Flesh Eaters’ shows since the ’80s.” Take a bite:

2 | Athens, Ga., indie legends The Glands are also returning — sort of. Nearly two years after frontman Ross Shapiro lost his battle with lung cancer, the band has assembled the disc Double Coda from leftover recordings. It comes out Nov. 9, along with reissues of their two long-out-of-print LPs, Double Thriller (1996), and The Glands (2000). SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “It was a labor of love to get this set out, to get as much of the music out as possible and into the ears of the people who loved him. A lot of the material came from CD’s he’d give us at band practice, like ‘Here’s some stuff I’m working on.’ ” Do double duty with the Coda cut So High and the new ditty Electricity:

3 | Hamilton pop-rockers Ellevator are definitely on the way up — but their mood is headed downward on their new single The Storm. SEZ THE PRESS RELASE: “The band explains that the track is ‘an apology and an explanation. It’s the turmoil in our personal skies caused by ending the relationship. It’s a reminder that I care about you, and that you can’t seek comfort in me anymore. Trust that I know you well enough to rightly believe we’re not each other’s sun and stars- but don’t trust me- because I’m breaking your heart.’ ” Hit the button:

4 | Recently crowned Polaris Prize winner Jeremy Dutcher shares Casey MQ‘s remix of the track Pomok naka Poktoinskwes from his award-winning LP Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Dutcher says he is ‘honoured to collaborate with Casey MQ, who reimagines a sonic world surrounding this anthem to our water rights! Listen to this track and Imagine a universe where our melodies and languages dominate dance floors of this land.’ ” Step right up:

5 | Brooklyn duo Buke and Gase preview their forthcoming album Scholars with the video for their dark synth-pop gem Derby. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The songs on Scholars embrace a form of expression that is more concise, more emotional & less perverse in its uniqueness. The album was honed from 60+ songs and hundreds of hours of recordings into a concise document clocking in under 40 minutes.” Take the time:

6 | Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske unveils the hypnotic, understated electro-jazz instrumental Adjust, the title cut from his Oct. 26 EP of the same name. SEZ THE PRESS RELASE: “The performance artist and saxophonist’s mesmerizing debut takes listeners on a true journey through the euphoria and wanderlust of nights spent clubbing—using little more than his voice, saxophone, his instrument of choice, and more than a few well-placed microphones.” Adjust yourself accordingly:

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