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Led Zeppelin | The Song Remains the Same Remastered

Now that Jimmy Page is finished raiding Zep's vault, he can finally make that solo album. Or not.

Indeed it does: The latest remastered reissue of Led Zeppelin‘s classic ’70s double-live set is pretty much the same as the 2007 version — though it’s now available in umpteen different formats (including Blu-Ray Audio with a 5.1 mix) and packages (including a $250 deluxe box). It doesn’t appear Jimmy Page has made any major tweaks to the performances or the mix, though for my money it sounds a little louder, cleaner and punchier than the previous version. So it seems he got this one right. About time, since this is supposedly the end of their years-long reissue campaign. Now, maybe Jimmy can finally get around to making that solo album and going out on tour like he’s been promising for about, oh, a decade now. Or not. After all, it must be almost time to start planning the next batch of remasters.