Anjxlxe Wants Your Old School Love

The Montreal pop singer-songwriter's summertime treat handily lives up to its title.

Anjxlxe is looking for some of that Old School Love in her sweet, soulful and seductively upbeat new video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Montreal pop singer-songwriter’s latest treat handily lives up to its title, blending vintage R&B dance grooves with timeless lyrics to fashion a vibe that is nostalgic and timeless without feeling dated or dusty. Old School Love immerses listeners in an ocean of boundless love, where each note is a whisper of romance evoking the joy of emerging spring. Composed by Anjxlxe with the help of her talented friend Mel Pacifico, and produced by the musical genius Lucatheproducer, in co-production with Don Curry, this Francophone R&B song is an ode to passionate and unconditional love that withstands decades, celebrating respect and loyalty.

The captivating lyrics propel us on a journey where the sun caresses the skin, hair dances with the wind, and every moment is filled with promises of adventure and romance. Old School Love captures the very essence of love, where each moment is a promise of eternity. An electrifying blend celebrating soul and pop, creating a unique concoction of contemporary R&B. With its inviting rhythm and catchy chorus, Old School Love promises to become a summer anthem!

Photo by Sach.

Anjxlxe (Anne-Julie) is from the culturally diverse and bilingual city of Montreal. With stunning soulful vocals, her voice is a powerhouse of control; growing up, she took a heavy dose of musical influence from the likes of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. The singer-songwriter, who channels a fresh blend of R&B and pop, aims to create something timeless and to inspire as many people as possible through the positive vibes and smooth sounds in her music and voice.

From local gigs to N.Y.C., Anjxlxe has been quietly navigating her own lane. With the way she blends smoothness and power in her voice and music, it’s impossible to remain indifferent to the charm of her musical world and her presence. She continues to evolve as an artist, constantly exploring new creative horizons. Today, she wears many hats. From marketing to artistic direction, from content creation to music teaching, Anjxlxe is constantly perfecting herself and her craft.

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