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Skyline Sun Unites Opposing Forces Into A Most Groovy Dichotomy

The Berlin guitarist & producer reinvigorates modern jazz with cutting-edge vision.

Skyline Sun invites you to greets the dawn of a new sonic era with his latest album Dichotomy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Exploding out of the colourful, ever-changing Berlin scene, Skyline Sun — the musical moniker of producer and guitarist Jarrah Dhyan — reinvigorates modern jazz with a cutting-edge vision on his latest full-length. Bringing together the essences of R&B, soul, hip-hop and dance music, while casting a critical eye upon our political and social landscape, Skyline Sun gene-splices traditional and experimental sounds even as he leaps headlong into the complexities of the current cultural landscape to offer a personal, captivating perspective.

Testament to his unswerving resolve to realigning the chakras of contemporary jazz, Dichotomy finds him joining forces with creatives from around the globe — each drawing upon their own upbringing, experiences and insights, but united through music. “It is truly an ever-growing international affair,” Dhyan says.

Photo by Italo Longato.


Skyline Sun’s global approach is no surprise; Berlin has been a crucible of novelty for generations. Dhyan’s cabal of collaborators help him refine his take on contemporary existence, as he exposes its inherent hypocrisy, manufactured crises and manipulated narratives to serve political agendas at the expense of the people. Dichotomy delivers a deeply personal and affecting slate of sound that urges us to move beyond tribal lines and come together to find common ground on the issues poisoning our world.

Dhyan’s sophomore EP Flesh And Bones earned praise far and wide. Now, he shares a new portfolio of works designed to whisk listeners away to a sonic sphere beyond time, where the power of music commands universal attention. While remaining solidly anchored int the nu-jazz world, Skyline Sun expands his horizons, blending irresistible rhythms, soulful melodies, and a fresh stylistic voice uniquely his own. Listeners, dancers and musers alike: Behold, embrace and rejoice.

Listen to Dichotomy below, watch some of his videos above, and follow Skyline Sun on Facebook.


Photo by Italo Longato.