Ash Ravens Loves Hearing Your Beautiful Lies

The Ottawa singwr-guitarist tackles toxic relationships in his latest single and video.


Ash Ravens keeps his tongue in cheek as he listens to your Beautiful Lies in his latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Complemented by emotional instrumentals, the Bangladeshi-born Ottawa rocker’s richly layered lyricism is drenched in satire as he sardonically projects so-called love for his partner’s untruths — while feeling used and trapped in a cycle of toxicity. As the veteran musician puts it, the song is about “knowing when the other person is lying and cheating. You let them keep doing it, and let them dig their own grave.”

Beautiful Lies is also a treat for avid six-string enthusiasts. There’s a lot to absorb in the compact, propulsive tune — the sweeping guitar licks, the volcanic shredding, and the mind-blowing solo. During the filming of the video, Ravens attempted the “play-guitar-behind-your-head” act — made famous by Jimi Hendrix — and, because the director liked it so much, it ended up making the final cut.

Beautiful Lies is the first song Ravens wrote, recorded, and released after his migration to the Great White North. It serves as Ravens’ eighth single, arriving four years after his stunning, self-titled debut album. Born with the soul of a nomad and the heart of a musician, Ravens graduated from the Los Angeles College of Music before finding himself down under in Australia — where he would play some of the country’s biggest music festivals, and earn two music degrees from Melbourne Polytechnic. The musician moved to Ottawa earlier this year, and is already making his mark.

Watch Beautiful Lies above, hear more from Ash Ravens below, and keep up with him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.