Canadian Beacon | Cuff The Duke, Homeshake, Matías Roden & More New Homegrown Creations

I had to laugh when I saw a news story today about a greedy corporate scumbag who wants the government to do something because he thinks another greedy corporate scumbag is treating him unfairly. Oh, boo fucking hoo. Hey, I know how we can solve this: Why don’t you two fight to the death? That way, you could both do something that benefits the rest of us for a change. While we wait, we’ll be listening to these new homegrown songs and videos at full volume — so we don’t have to hear you whining like the pathetic little bitches you are:


Cuff The Duke | Got You On The Run

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Breaking Dawn marks Cuff The Duke’s triumphant return after a decade-plus hiatus. Their seventh studio album is due out Sept. 6, 2024. With a foundation in Canadian roots-rock and a penchant for crafting noisy guitar jams, Cuff the Duke’s unique blend of genres has consistently escaped the confines of simple classification. After six albums, a pair of Juno nods, countless miles on the road — including sharing stages with iconic acts like Blue Rodeo, Hayden, Sloan, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Calexico — they pulled a 10-year vanishing act, playing only a handful of shows. But like all great comebacks, this time it’s personal: Breaking Dawn is an exploration of frontman Wayne Petti’s journey with mental health. Lead single Got You On The Run, encompasses their sonic spirit while offering an analogy from Petti for running from his own anxieties.”

Homeshake | Simple

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Homeshake — the long-running solo project of Toronto musician Peter Sagar — shares the new single and video Simple, from his second album of 2024, Horsie, out June 28. It’s a track about what happens when you begin to buckle under life’s pressures and slip into a depressive state, and turn to self-medication to ease the stress. The video for Simple, directed by Jim Larson, is the second part of a trilogy of videos for Horsie, with Peter changing form as he steals a car in a panic, and is pursued by a mysterious man riding a Harley-Davidson. The video explores themes of paranoia and anxiety, and how close they can be looming at any given time. “Amazing cameos from dear friends, I appreciate them very much,” says Peter. “The sequel to the previous video, Jim did such a good job revealing it. Anxiety and paranoia are close friends of mine.”

Matías Roden | Close Your Eyes

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Matías Roden is a Peruvian-Canadian singer-songwriter drawing from classic British synth-pop and combining it with modern sample-based production. His unflinchingly personal lyrics delve into struggles with mental health, referencing his unique childhood caught between vastly different cultures, as well as experiences as a gay and queer youth. As he gears up to release his debut EP, produced by acclaimed singer-songwriter Louise Burns, the latest single Close Your Eyes juxtaposes an upbeat synth-pop melody with melancholic lyrics. It’s about feeling guilt and regret after breaking someone’s heart. “I wanted the lyrics to be a little creepy to mirror how this character singing thinks of himself, like a monster for hurting someone else emotionally,” Roden explains. “It’s about what keeps you up at night when you go to sleep, what’s inside your mind that is torturing you.”

John Gogo | Tom Three Persons (Indian Cowboy)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Balladeer and actor John Gogo hails from a musical family in Nanaimo. Though Gogo is from B.C., Tom Three Persons (Indian Cowboy) is a song about Alberta’s most famous cowboy. It has been release to coincide with Tom Three Persons’ posthumous induction into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame on May 24 in Red Deer. Gogo will attend the ceremony and perform this homage to the rodeo star, which was composed with songwriter and guitarist Ed Peekeekoot. Best known for writing and performing folk songs featuring people, places, true stories and tall tales of the West Coast, Gogo is about to release his sixth album Western Balladeer. Out July 17, it features include Duke & Goldie, daughter Jeri Gogo, Tyler Lieb, David Essig, brother Paul Gogo, cousin Brent Gubbels, Alan Moberg, Tobin Stokes, Rick Scott, Daniel Lapp, Dazy Weymer and Valdy.”

Golden Feather | Awakenings

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hamiltonians Steven Kiely and Bradley Germain started Golden Feather as an ode to their shared love of bands who like to jam and take their listeners on a musical journey. Following a string of releases since 2020, the Feather have an inspired new yacht rock track to share entitled Awakenings. Coupling jaunty keys with ’70s guitars and lush harmonies performed by saxophonist Murray Heaton, Awakenings couples pop inclinations with jamming that stretches out into the new freedom and feelings of love which inspired the song’s writing. “Awakenings is a shedding of skin,” the band explain. “In life we are faced with crises in many forms. Death, loss, abandonment, trauma from childhood and beyond. I had some therapy sessions that opened me up to doorways which used to be walls. Opening up completely, to me, means becoming love — to keep your mind in a state of openness and access. This song is my attempt at that. To ‘dance on an island in the sun.’ That was the image I wanted to imbue upon the listener. To feel truly free – like nothing could ever pierce the veil of connection with oneself. As frail and soft as it may look, it has strength to endure.”

Bealby Point | For Your Time

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brotherly love is the basis for everything that Bealby Point does, and their recent sessions are no exception. Produced by their trusted sound engineer JJ Heath, the Vancouver quartet’s new material was recorded at the small but stylish studio, Phony Records. Situated across the inlet from where they grew up riding bikes and sneaking beers, the new material, recorded in early 2024, bridges the gap between fantasy and nostalgia, with lead vocalist Jack Armstrong offering a cinematic perspective on the passing of time. Their single, For Your Time, is inspired by every music lover and concert goer around the world. It’s an homage to anyone who cares to spend their evening with an artist they care about, and commit their time and money to experience something special that they can remember for the rest of their lives.”