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Kōya Blast You With Fragments Of Scandinavian Bleakness

The destructive Danes fuse post-hardcore with shoegaze, sludge, metal & more.

Kōya construct a formidable wall of relentless intensity on their punishing and unstoppable EP Fragments — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Hailing from Aalborg, Denmark, Kōya represent a new and formidable force on the Danish post-hardcore and metal scene. The quintet of Martin (vocals), Allan (guitars), Magnus (guitars and vocals), Patrick (bass and vocals) and Søren (drums) arc-weld contemporary Danish post-hardcore to elements from several other genres. The deliberate action of navigating across styles stems from an intent to compose free of dogmas that are not self-imposed.

In the end, the sonic palette combines the aggressive and fast-paced nature of hardcore with the crushing weight of sludge, atmospheric elements of black metal and even shoegaze, resulting in a captivating and dynamic sound. Essentially, the aim is to capture what can best be described as a form of Scandinavian bleakness; the sense of the beautiful yet crushing North Sea, howling winds and an overall inherent darkness akin to that of late autumn.

Photo by Peter Drastup.

The soundscape is meant to communicate and share energy in its purest form, whether originating from anger, despair, self-preservation, sorrow, or joy. As such, the band invites the audience to take part in the cathartic feeling that has characterized the creative process of composing Fragments. Meanwhile, the vocal themes of Fragments are anchored in the darker sides of the human mind, revolving around classic themes such as despair, physical abuse, self-hatred, inadequacy, hopelessness, and self-preservation.

In a musical landscape that is woefully lacking in authenticity and unbridled passion, Kōya stand tall as a beacon of raw and unapologetic hardcore expression. Brace yourself for an auditory assault, as Kōya invite you to delve into their darkness. The recording is produced by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio and mixed and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Listen to Fragments below and follow Kōya on Facebook and Instagram.