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Next Week in Music | May 20-26 • The Long List: 380 Releases On The Way

All the new music heading your way in the coming days – and then some.

Today in musical birthdays: Pete Townshend of The Who turns 79, glamazon singer Grace Jones and sax maniac Tom Scott are both 76, on-again off-again AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd hits 70, singer-songwriter Sam Smith is 32 — and, in the posthumous category, ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill would have been 75, while beanpole punk O.G. Joey Ramone would have reached 72. If all those digits aren’t enough for you, here’s another one: 380 — the number of albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Abrams | Blue City
Acidgvrl | Ghost: Yurei
Ador Dorath | Ultimate Black
Aisles | Obras de Los Jaivas
Aja | Ajasphère Vol. II
Eric Alexander | Timing Is Everything
Alfie | Concepción
The Altogether | Hazy Dawn
Aluminum | Fully Beat
American Monoxyde | Microwave Ensemble
AmyReal | Amycore: Mental Asylum 6
Ancestral Voices | Forces of Consciousness
Kyle Andrews | The Whims Of A Manic Moon
AnkAnum | Song of The Motherland
Alex Anwandter | Dime Precioso
Aquaserge | La Fin de l’Economie
Asadi | The Rogue Prince of Persia
Atraxia | Centaurea
Bess Atwell | Light Sleeper
Autolith | Artificial Heaven
Axolotl | City Of Silence
Niko B | Dog Eat Dog Food World
Bad Ambulance | Intel 95
Barbara | Happy Days! EP
Bby Goyard | Operation Tree Whisperer
Clyde Beats | Hyper Reality 2
Berzingue | Road Trip
Natalia Beylis | Lost – For Annie
Andrew Bird | Sunday Morning Put​-​On
Lou Black | Lovely Ashes From The Broken Heart
Luke Black | Chainsaws In Paradise
Black Snake Moan | Lost In Time
Blake Babies | Earwig Vinyl Reissue
James Blake | Thrown Around
Mischa Blanos | Titans
Blasé | Debugging
BleakHeart | Silver Pulse
Bobbi | Harsh EP
Anthony Boccaleoni | You Hang Up The Line
Boneripper | World Ablaze
Bones In Butter | Cosmopolis
Bored At My Grandmas House | Show & Tell
Christer Bothén ft. Bolon Bata | Trancedance 40th Anniversary Edition
David Bowie | Diamond Dogs Vinyl Reissue
Branco | Baba Business 3
Zach Bryan | Pink Skies (Eulogy)
B.T. Express | The Definitive Collection: Do It ‘Til You’re Satisfied
Noémi Büchi | Does It Still Matter
Zachary Cale | Next Year’s Ghost
Calup | I Made This And I Like It, I Hope You Like It Too, But If Not That Is OK, Music Is Subjective
Isobel Campbell | Bow To Love Digital
Capstan | The Mosaic
Loyle Carner | Hugo Reimagined (Live From Royal Albert Hall)
Wes Carroll Confabulation | Helium
Aaron Carter | The Recovery Album
Cathari | It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive
Celer | Perfectly Beneath Us
Chameleons UK | Where Are You? EP
Richard Chartier | On Leaving
Chest Press | First Curse
Christ Dillinger | Digital Drugs
Chunked | Inhaling The Infestation
Clementine Was Right | Tell Yourself You’re Going Home
Codex Mortis | Tales Of Woe
George Colligan | You’ll Hear It
Concrete Castles | Last Structures Of Dreams
Coroza | As Within
Ed Cosens | Somewhere Between Dark And Light
Cosmo Midnight | Stop Thinking Start Feeling
The Courettes | Hold On, We​’​re Comin’
The Covids | Banned From The USA
Creed | Greatest Hits Vinyl Reissue
Critical Defiance | The Search Won’t Fall
Cruzloma | Mitos & Ritos
Buck Curran | One Evening and Other Folk Songs
Cut Piece | Your Own Good
Cutterred Flesh | Love At First Bite
Benjamin Damage | Nix Narcissus
Dd4v1 | Kill A Kid (ft. Horilla)
Dazbee | Newtro Wave
DDT | Brave New World
Deap Vally | (ep)ilogue EP
Defects | Modern Error
Travis Denning | Roads That Go Nowhere
John Denver | The RCA Albums Collection
Dexys | The Feminine Divine + Dexys Classics: Live!
Didje Doo | Vitalize It
Diiv | Frog In Boiling Water
Distorted Vortex | M3m0ry_L34k
The DNAYS & Mikado Koko | Revolt
Don & The Goodtimes | The Pacific Northwest Sound of Don & The Goodtimes
Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! | Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!
Dopethrone | Broke Sabbath
Drazen | Gallows
Drunk Uncle | O, Brittle Weather!
Dubbelorganisterna | Volym 1
Tim Easton | Find Your Way
Die Electric Anus | Silver Dagger b​/​w Spliggity Splat (My Feet Are On Fire)
Electric Callboy | Ratatata
Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges | Back to Back: Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Play The Blues Reissue
Elninodiablo | Infinitely Venus EP
Brian Eno, Holger Czukay & J.Peter Schwalm | Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen!
Eregion | Non Omnis Moriar
EvilDead | Toxic Grace
Hannah Fairlight | Lone Wolf
Fania All Stars | Latin-Soul-Rock Vinyl Reissue
Chris Farlowe | Stormy Monday: The Blues Years 1985-2008
Faux Real | Faux Ever
Nir Felder | III
Alejandro Fernández | Te Llevo En La Sangre
Field Guide | Rootin’ For Ya
Finom | Not God
Finessa Fleur | Cutting Cables
Greg Foat | Spider Plant Blues
F1regek | Cableworks
40 Octaves Below | Teratophilia
Luke Francis | Saguaro
Benjamin Fröhlich | The Love Dilemma
Funeral | Bodybags (ft. Glaive)
Rami Gabriel | That’s What I Been Sayin’
Alastair Galbraith | Lagash
Gastr del Sol | We Have Dozens of Titles
Gegga | Shazz
Genetti / Maunu | Gleaners
Gesu No Kiwami Otome | ディスコの卵
The Gibraltarians | Frequency Bias
Gift | Ruptures
Girl And Girl | Call A Doctor
Nigel Good | A Little Something
Groovy | Crying In The Club EP
Joe Grushecky | Houserocker: A Joe Grushecky Anthology
Guzior | G
Gyasi | Rock n’ Roll Sword Fight
Theo Hakola | Shalalalala
Halima | Exu EP
Mell Hall | Slow
Hallan | Completum
Halma | Driving By Numbers
Barbara Hannigan / Bertrand Chamayou | Messiaen
Juliana Hatfield | Bed Vinyl Reissue
Hewhocannotbenamed | Ghost Ride EP
Hextar | Doomsayer
James Hoff | Shadows Lifted From Invisible Hands
Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra / György Vashegyi | Jules Massenet: Werther
Intell | U​.​N​.​I​.​T​.​E.
!ntox!cate | !ntox!cate
Ìxtahuele | Pathways to Paradise
The Janitors | An Error Has Occurred
Jerreau | Why Some People Be Mad At Me
Jimmy Eat World | Clarity: Phoenix Sessions
Davy Jones | Incredible!
Juiceb@x $ Myeye | Psyche Gems
Jules! | Pizza Party
Káryyn | Calm Kaoss!
Kassian | Supercontinent
Bronywn Keith-Hynes | I Built A World
Sean Khan | Sean Khan presents the Modern Jazz & Folk Ensemble
Kiesza | Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1
Zach John King | Wannabe Cowboy
Kinky | 5 Disparos EP
Deanna Knight | Every Little Spark
Will Kobus & Mettaworldzeke | No One’s Fault But Mine
Lenny Kravitz | Blue Electric Light
Laibach | Opus Dei Remastered
MC Lan | Venom
Harold Land | Chroma (Burn) Reissue
Lava Fangs | Sub Auroram
Bettye LaVette | Let Me Down Easy: Bettye LaVette in Memphis
Frank Lenz | Blending In
Levante | Manuale Distruzione (Dieci Anni Dopo)
Levi | Persona
Allegra Levy | Out of the Question
Bethany Ley | Sundial
Liar Thief Bandit | Icon
Lightheaded | Combustible Gems
Lil Sperm | Evil Minion Era
Limbo District | Live Limbo
Maggie Lindemann | Headsplit Deluxe
Lindisfarne | Brand New Year: The Mercury Years 1978-1979
Lionlimb | Limbo
Lip Filler | Witchescrew
Tove Lo | Love Bites
Lost Trees | Hallucinate
Louis The Child | Believe It
Wyatt C. Louis | Chandler
Lovelorn Dolls | Deadtime Stories
Low Hum | Terra Incognita
Low Leaf | Red Moon
Lucifuge | Hexensabbat
LouisLudwig | Jabalon
Lunchbox | Pop and Circumstance
Lurking Corpses | Lurking After Midnight
La Luz | News of the Universe
Machinedrum | 3FOR82
Bill MacKay | Locust Land
Magnetic Machines | Magnetic Machines
Billy Mahonie | Fields Of Heads
Malneezy | Against Your Will
Tom Maor | Dunes
Mary In The Junkyard | This Old House
Masino | I’m Lonely / All I Need
Victor McKnight | Beyond
Mcnd | X10
Vinícius Mendes | Macunaísmo Tardio Vol. 1 & 2
The Menstrual Cramps | Antagonistic Single
The Modern Jazz & Folk Ensemble | Sean Khan Presents…
Modern Shakes | A Bolt From The Blue
Moneybagg Yo | Speak Now
Montresor | Autopoiesis
Moonee | Cactus Theory
MoonKill | MoonKill
Moral Putrefaction | Moral Putrefaction
Tony Moreno Trio | Ballads Volume 1
Morgue | Close To Complete Darkness
Mortal Wound | The Anus Of The World
Joshua Moshier | Semipermanence
Motorists | Touched By The Stuff
Mr. Nice Guy | Explain Your Reasoning
Msaki x Tubatsi | Synthetic Hearts Part II
Róisín Murphy | Hit Parade Remixes
Neutrals | New Town Dream
NewJeans | How Sweet
Nextu | R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)
Nexz | Ride the Vibe
Niagara | Mu​́​sica Para 10m2 de Relva Sinte​́​tica Single
Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne | Dulcitone 1804
Nikowoodyear | En Route*
Carlos Niño & Friends | Placenta
Normil Hawaiians | Empires into Sand
Nuevo Cuerpo | Nuevo Cuerpo
Oberland / Dargent / Elieh / Halal | SIHR
Odd Okoddo | Negore
Old Man Luedecke | She Told Me Where To Go
Onra | Nosthaigia
Orphax & Kenneth Kirschner | Movement
The Oscillation | The Start Of The End
Ox33n | 20%
Paark | Stonelands
Pardoner | Paranoid in Hell EP
Park RD | The Novel
Alistair Payne | This Thread Walks
PeelingFlesh | 3 Year Peeling Spree
Nathy Peluso | Grasa
People Without Shoes | Selective Ingreenients
Phace | Everyday
Pip Blom | Bobbie Remixes
Pipotaku | Pipotaku Future
Rachel Podger | The Muses Restor’d
Ponynoise | Testing: Horns // The Sound Of Magic
Poolside At The Flamingo | Accabadora
Poppycock | Magic Mothers
Post Moves | Ground Echo Hum
Jessica Pratt | Here In The Pitch
Charlie Puth | Hero
Sun Ra | Excelsior Mill
Jim Rafferty | I See Red
Rainbow | Boston 1981
Rhea Raj | Hunter
Kati Rán | Sála
The Recreation | Love In
Red Fang | Red Fang Vinyl Reissue
Red Handed Denial | A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia
Rachel Redmond | Rachel Baptist: Ireland’s Black Syren
Resolutions | Monster Mirror
Ricepr22ce | Fuck You
Kim Richey | Every New Beginning
Owen Riegling | Bruce Country EP
Jeannie C. Riley | Harper Valley P.T.A Reissue
RM | Right Place, Wrong Person
Abby Roberts | Obscura
Caoilfhionn Rose | Constellation
Rotten UK | Age of Chaos
Rotting Christ | Pro Xristoy
Ruslana | Буйна
Benjamin Russel and Greg Fraser | Ghost Particles EP
Nathaniel Russell | Songs Of
Barry Ryan | The Albums 1969-79
Ryu, The Runner | Semréh
Astrid S | Joyride
Saidan | Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity
Sailor Hunter | Evolution
Saltpig | Saltpig
Samana | Samana
Sango | North Vol. 2
Saquam | Lukewarm Warp
Martin Savage & The Jiggerz | Martin Savage & The Jiggerz
Say Anything | …Is Committed
Scheitan | Songs for the Gothic People
Sea Dee | 742
Semuta | Glacial Erratic
Sentiment Dissolve | The Orwellian Dream
Septuagint | Acosmic Conflagration
The Sextones | Love Can’t Be Borrowed Vinyl Reissue
Sexyy Red | In Sexyy We Trust
Shenseea | Never Gets Late Here
Shinemachine | Shinemachine
Michael Shrieve | Drums of Compassion
Silas | Wot EP
Silver Biplanes | Travelling By Candlelight
Alex Sipiagin | Horizons
Slam | Exhibit
Sleepingfeverdream | The World / Ascension
Slow Fiction | Crush EP
Connie Smith | Love, Prison, Wisdom & Heartaches Vinyl
Smokedope2016 | #Thecomeup
Softcult | Heaven EP
Soojin | Rizz
Sowell & Others | Greetings, World
Speedmaster | Neon
The Speed Of Sound | A Cornucopia: Minerva
Spiter | Enter the Gates of Fucking Hell
Splashgirl & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe | More Human
Alanna Sterling | Everything’s Gonna Be Just Fine
Summoner’s Circle | Cult
Supastition | All That Was Left Unsaid
Swansea Sound | Markin’ It Down Single
Swan Wash | Shadow Shadow
Mazz Swift | The 10000 Things: Praise Songs For The iRiligious
Rah Swish | Elevator Music
Syntronix | Dancing In The Fire With You
Tagua Tagua | Todo Tempo EP
Tar | Tar
Tedua | La Divina Commedia Deluxe
Teramaze | Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace
Theef | Sun & Smoke
Three Second Kiss | From Fire I Save The Flame
Tiny Habits | All For Something
Anna Tivel | Living Thing
Sam Tompkins | Hi, My Name Is Insecure.
Trail of Tears | Winds of Disdain
Joey Trap | Clapclap
Trident | Spice X
Freddy Trujillo | I Never Threw A Shadow At It
Trueno | El Último Baile
Trust Blinks | Turns To Gold
Luci Tsundere | Table Tennis
Jayce Turley | Broke Down
Twenty One Pilots | Clancy
Conway Twitty | Hello Darlin’ / Fifteen Years Ago / How Much More Can She Stand / I Wonder What She’ll Think About Me Leaving
Vale Of Pnath | Between The Worlds Of Life And Death
Various Artists | The Best 80s Movies Album in the World … Ever!
Various Artists | 5 Years of Love
Various Artists | J Jazz: Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954-1988
Various Artists | The Outsiders Broadway Cast Recording
Various Artists | Stax: Soulsville U.S.A. Documentary
Various Artists | Tresor: 030313
Veezy The Virgo | Let’s Talk About It Later (Vol. 1)
Vegyn | The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions Vinyl
The Vernon Spring | Still
The Vibrators | The Singles 1976-2017
Vicious Pink | Unexpected
Vintage Culture | Promised Land
Vishtèn Connexions | Expansion
Vredehammer | God Slayer
Vulgaris | Seat Of The Fire
Waave | [Data Link]
Wallows | Model
Jennifer Walshe & Tony Conrad | In The Merry Month of May
Kenny Warren | Sweet World
Wasting Pigs | Wolfman and Other Tall Tales EP
Joe Webb | Set
Richie Weed | Strays
Paul Weller | 66
Gary Wilson | A Beautiful Bliss
Winter | …And She’s Still Listening EP
Rowena Wise | Senseless Acts Of Beauty
Xander | Feeling EP
XG | Woke Up
The Yardbirds | The Ultimate Live at the BBC
Yea Big and Tatsu Aoki | The Hand and The Moon, Part One
Yea-Ming & The Rumours | I Can’t Have It All
Yes | Live: Canandigua, New York, 19/06/1994
Yes | Talk 30th Anniversary Edition
Yola | My Way EP
Young Igi | Ekskluzywny Glod
Young Jesus | The Fool
Yung T | Back In The Trap
Zutomayo | Truth In Lies
Mui Zyu | Nothing Or Something To Die For