Aline Garza Wants To Be Your Superhero

The Texas pop singer hopes to empower bullying victims with her second single.

Aline Garza is here to save the day with her new single Superhero — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

After successfully kickstarting her career in music with her heartfelt breakout single Day One earlier this year, the Texan artist now captures a tremendously powerful and utterly necessary message in her new release. On top of an upbeat, hopeful and catchy melody, Garza evokes nostalgia with a 2010’s pop-R&B sound and spreads a heartwarming message to all bullying and harassment victims:

“They only talkin’ cause they’re jealous
They so unhappy with themselves
They insecure so they’re projectin’
So don’t be tough on yourself
I wish I was a superhero
Who could save the day
A superhero to make everything OK
A superhero to stand by your side and take
All the pain away put a smile on your face.”

Sadly, like millions of kids across the globe, Garza experienced an isolating feeling at the age of 10, which sparked her to write and sing about it: “Writing Superhero at 10 years old was a feeling of being left out” and addresses how bullying has evolved in many other dangerous ways: “Now as the years have come, I see bullying happening more frequently in different ways including rumors, cyberbullying, physical contact, teasing, emotional, social, and verbal.”

The artist also believes people who bully are actually reflecting their own internal fights in others (“People can be insecure so they’re negatively projecting”) and sheds light on the importance of self-confidence (“First believe in yourself, then others will too”) as well as addressing our own mental health (“Bullying causes people to not socialize and stay to themselves which can later cause mental issues”).

Aline’s musical journey began almost before she can remember, at the age of five, and she’s won awards such as Best New Artist in her age group at the Vocal Star New Year’s Gala Competition and emerged as a finalist in prestigious competitions like Dream Night in 2021.

Now, following the guidance of her label and relying on the endless support from her family, she’s ready to make a difference in the music industry. From pop to R&B and even gospel, be ready for versatile and timeless hits from the young Texan artist. Apart from her label and family, Aline expresses her gratitude to producer and co-writer Adam H. and mixer Orlando Calzada, a five-time Grammy winner with credits including Lady Gaga, One Direction, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

Ultimately, it is vital to have artists who bring attention to unjust situations, share a message of hope and, above all, who have the charisma and sensitivity that Aline has. In her own words: “I like to make music that people can relate to and has a positive message.”

Check out Superhero above, hear more from Aline Garza below, and find her on Facebook and Instagram.