August At Night Fondly Recalls All He Ever Had With You

The up-and-coming artist offers an intimate introduction to his matured sound.

August At Night reminisces about a love gone wrong on his vulnerable new single and lyric video All I Ever Had — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An intimate introduction to his matured sound, August At Night’s latest track is fuelled by acoustic guitar, swapping out heavy hitting, lusting drum patterns for a spacious soundscape full of ethereal synths and idyllic melodies. This creates a feeling of floating in the lyricism that plays into the melancholy, tender direction that the themes of the track surround. Vocally, August shows off his versatility, captivating and bewitching listeners with a spot on performance that is a departure from previous releases, whilst still being distinctive in tone. “Our story begins in bed, reminiscing on a love lost to time…” he says.

For August At Night, a new beginning came at a time he would least expect. The artist garnered press attention in 2021 and 2022 with a string of singles, but felt a need to redefine himself and his sound. In June this year, he returned to the industry, altering the trajectory of his music with his single KFY. His Collection I release is due in October.

Watch the lyric video for All I Ever Had above, sample more from August At Night below, and keep up with him on his website, Instagram and Threads.