Shyam P & Moon Rocket Encourage You To Leave The World Behind

The house duo's collaborative single embodies the essence of a carefree summer.

Shyam P & Moon Rocket team up to Leave The World Behind and hit the dance floor on their latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitst.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, collaborations have become the driving force behind innovative soundscapes and unforgettable listening experiences. Renowned house vocalist, songwriter, and producer Shyam P, celebrated for his collaborations with industry giants like Ferreck Dawn, Second City and Josh Butler, has joined forces with legendary Afro house producer, DJ, and piano virtuoso Moon Rocket, who has been delivering his magical live shows at some of the biggest clubs in New York, Miami and across Italy.

Together, they present a groundbreaking electronic album that transcends boundaries and defines a new era in electronic music. Titled More Than Art and Science, the album is a testament to the collective talent and sonic breadth of these two exceptional artists. Both artists have accrued over 25 million streams on their own, and Shyam P’s distinctive vocals, effortless songwriting, and soulful performances have earned significant radio support. Meanwhile, Moon Rocket’s unparalleled piano playing and production skills have solidified his status as a legend in the Afro house scene.

Their stunning debut release Watercolours offered a tantalising glimpse into the synergistic dynamism of this duo. Shyam P and Moon Rocket now present the album’s second single, Leave The World Behind, an instant standout that epitomizes the perfect fusion of elements that define a cross-genre, radio-friendly dance anthem. This track effortlessly intertwines emotion-drenched vocals with a buoyant, uptempo production, encapsulating the essence of a chart-topping hit.

With its infectious chorus, “All I do is close my eyes and leave the world behind me,” the song not only captivates with its catchiness but also resonates deeply. In today’s whirlwind of existence, the track embarks listeners on a transformative odyssey of introspection, underscoring the significance of gratitude, liberation, and authenticity.

Radiating a feel-good vibe and pulsating tempo, Leave The World Behind embodies the essence of summer, serving as the quintessential soundtrack for carefree moments and sun-kissed dance floors. The vocals, brimming with passion, seamlessly harmonise with the production, immediately uplifts spirits and strikes a chord with listeners.

Venturing further into the pop realm in this offering, the track boasts an infectious melody crafted effortlessly by Shyam P, while Moon Rocket infuses the joyful production with playful piano lines and groovy baselines. Together, they craft a summer dance-pop anthem that lingers and resonates instantaneously, inviting listeners to momentarily relinquish worldly worries and revel in the joy of authenticity.

Check out Leave The World Behind above, hear more from Shyam P and Moon Rocket below, follow Shyam P on Instagram and Facebook, and find Moon Rocket on Instagram and Facebook.