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Albums Of The Week: Cedric Burnside | Hill Country Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Cedric Burnside has just released his deeply personal and artistically bold new album Hill Country Love. The record vibrantly explores the subset genre of Hill Country blues, infused with Burnside’s singular experiences and musical heritage from the rolling hills of Northern Mississippi.

Hill Country Love was recorded in an unconventional location — an old building in the small town of Ripley, MS. This space, initially earmarked to be Burnside’s juke joint, created an authentic and resonant sound environment, capturing the essence of the album’s soulful and gritty aesthetic. Produced alongside fellow Mississippian Luther Dickinson, the album’s 14 tracks were completed in an extraordinary two-day session, highlighting the spontaneous and raw energy of Burnside’s music.

The album’s lead single and title track is a heartfelt tribute to Burnside’s roots and journey, accompanied by a striking video directed by Jim Arbogast. “I’ve been traveling my whole life, and the song Hill Country Love gave me a chance to let people know that I love what I do and give a sense of how we do it in Mississippi,” Burnside shares. “So that’s what I was thinking about as I was writing that song — where I come from and also where I’m going, and how my journey has been to get to where I’m at now.”

Burnside’s musical odyssey began when he was just 13, playing drums for his grandfather, the legendary R.L. Burnside. His recording career spans more than a decade and is marked by critical acclaim and artistic growth, with Grammy nominations for Descendants of Hill Country and Benton County Relic. Burnside’s artistic versatility is also evident in his film appearances and the portrayal of significant roles, reflecting his multifaceted talent.

Following the 2021 release of I Be Trying, Burnside won Best Traditional Blues Album at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The recognition solidified his place as not just the progeny of the Hill Country blues, but also the genre’s torchbearer for the next generation. Hill Country Love stands as a testament to his family’s rich heritage and his innovative approach to music. The album is an intimate portrayal of his life’s experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Burnside’s commitment to authenticity shines through each track, offering a modern interpretation of the blues while staying true to its roots.

Beyond the music, Burnside’s story is one of resilience, evolution, and the enduring power of family legacy. His journey from drumming in his grandfather’s band to becoming a celebrated artist in his own right is a narrative of dedication and passion for the blues tradition. Hill Country Love is an immersive experience into the heart of Hill Country blues, inviting listeners to partake in a musical journey that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.