Brother Bicker Band Have Nothing At All Without You

The Calgary septet offer a Memphis-style number from their latest album.

Brother Bicker Band are left with Nothing At All in their soulful new breakup single and lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Crafted from a riff born during band practice, the powerful, dynamic track — which also appears on the band’s latest album Another Kind Of Train — shows the Calgary septet’s collaborative energy and dedication. Evolving over years of live performances, the song analyzes the stages of grief and rejection, while exploring themes of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It reflects on the pain and regret of lost love, evolving into the realization that every relationship, regardless of its outcome, shapes who we are as people.

The single starts as a bluesy Memphis jam, reminiscent of iconic acts like The Black Crowes, before building into a chaotic crescendo featuring duelling vocals and soaring instrumentation. Recorded at Broken Tap Studios in Calgary, the track showcases the talents of Darryl Swart on drums, Jeremy Hrdlicka on vocals, Tom Mogan on guitars, Ben Ellard on keys and Jim Duncan on bass. Adding a new dimension to the band’s sound, vocalists Jennele Coulson and Claire Wilkes made their recording debut on Nothing At All. Their contributions elevate the song to new heights infusing it with an electrifying energy and a sense of urgency.

Reflecting on the essence of the band’s music, Nothing At All invites listeners to embark on a nostalgic journey. With their unique brand of maple whiskey rock ’n’ roll, Brother Bicker Band continue to redefine the roots-rock genre, offering a sound that is both timeless and distinctly Canadian.

Watch the lyric video for Nothing At All above, catch Another Kind Of Train below, and catch up with The Brother Bicker Band on their website.