Caardia are Over You in Latest Single & Video

The alt-pop singer-songwriter sisters face their feelings in their latest release.


Caardia make it clear they’re getting Over You in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest release from alt-pop singer-songwriter sisters Celia and Annie Siriopoulos continues to draw on their personal stories and observations as inspiration for their distinct lyrical storytelling. There’s a telepathy shared within their natural chemistry; cascading harmonies bolstered by a sisterly bond result in a synchronicity of their songs as they explore themes of life, challenges, working through pain, and coming out on the other side.

Over You nestles well within this stream, and is a “representation of the vulnerability one can have when having feelings for someone,” Annie shares. “It brings up the fear of ‘new feelings’ and the unknown.” Celia adds: “The song also acknowledges self-worth, and not relying on someone else for our own happiness and validation. By acknowledging our thoughts, we can come to terms with the feelings we have, and start to grow from them.” It’s not meant to be a representation of full recovery after hardships, they concur, “but rather, the first steps in acknowledging them, and the process of getting over someone.”

Over You follows the duo’s 2018 EP The Deep End — recorded and produced by Juno and Canadian Country Music Award winner Chris Perry — and precedes their forthcoming sophomore offering, currently underway with producer Roy Hamilton III.

Watch Over You above, hear more from Caardia below, and keep up with them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.