Saint Social Swagger Onto The Scene

The Gulf Coast indie-rock newcomers strut their stuff on their confident single.

Saint Social have truly got that Swagger on their confident new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Gulf Coast band’s track is timeless alt-rock anthem that channels the energy of the past with its electrifying guitar riffs, dynamic full-band arrangement, and captivating vocals, all while infusing a fresh, modern twist. The song is about never giving in to societal expectations but instead living an authentic life even when it appears that the world is against you; one must persevere.

Swagger features vibrant and head-bopping melodies that call listeners to scream out the inspiring lyrics in an act of defiance against the coldness of the world. “Swagger is the confidence to own who you are!” drummer Bryan Bourque explains, “We want to remind people that they’re one-of-a-kind and no one can do you better than you… my hope is that this song is an anthem that’s sung with a smile.”

This song is the tale of an underdog finally getting their turn. The stuck-in-your-head-rock-riff-a-la guitarist Justin Gollott combined with Bourque’s pounding kit, and lead singer Quinn Erwin’s lyrics make Swagger an easy contender for turning heads just like the character in the song can’t help but embody. “I feel like Swagger is just a different person at the same party as (our song) Holiday Forever,” says Erwin. “This kid has come out of a rough spot, like a lot of us, but — tonight — this kid is back with a strut of confidence and pride.”

Along with additional instrumentation from Erwin on electric guitar, bass, and synth, Dallas Etheridge is credited for adding his vigorous cadence on keys and piano. Swagger was recorded at Noise Home Recording in Nashville. Credits include mixing, production, and engineering by Hunter West, executive production by Erwin, and mastering by Joe Causey (Underoath, Switchfoot) at Voyager Mastering. All of these talented people collaborating created the amalgamation of this alt-rock track, making it every bit as slick and ferocious as its name suggests.

Along with longtime friends Erwin, Bourque, Gollott, Saint Social includes newest member Ben Lowrimore. Together they draw from a rich tapestry of influences reflective of their diverse backgrounds and shared musical journey. Despite residing across a four-hour radius from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Florida panhandle and Alabama, the band’s dedication remains unwavering. Erwin, Bourque, and Gollott initially collaborated in high school. Erwin pursued a career in Nashville, achieving success with his band Afterlife Parade and garnering song placements in films and TV. His relocation to Florida facilitated a reunion with Bourque and Gollott, leading to the formation of Saint Social. Lowrimore’s inclusion, following years of friendship and collaboration, further solidified the band’s lineup.

Swagger is the first serving of the band’s take on the musical tradition they come from via Kings of Leon, U2, The Killers and Coldplay, with a dash of their cultural experiences like pop art, Southern food, the beach, and Erwin’s singular poetry. The song is a story of inspiration and what the world needs to hear to continue getting through any trials and tribulations that one may face.

Watch Saint Social play Swagger above, hear the single below and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.