Lightts Find Themselves Falling Into The Night

The Viennese duo's single portrays the desire to escape chaos and find belonging.

Lightts plunge headlong into the night with their hypnotic and intoxicating new single Falling — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The fourth single from the Austrian combo — and their first release since downsizing to a duo — Falling vividly portrays the desire to escape chaos and find belonging. The track’s unique sound, characterized by a blend of strict drum machine, funky bass lines, and layered vocal harmonies, creates an immersive experience for listeners.

“We wanted to capture the essence of city nightlife — the neon-lit streets, the pulsating energy, and the bittersweet emotions that come with it,” the duo say. “This song is a reflection of the modern urban experience, exploring themes of longing, introspection, and the search for connection in a world that often feels disconnected.”

Photy by Madeleine Perner.

Lightts were born in 2020, somewhere in Vienna. Miljan Živaljević was contemplating a perfect band name that would reflect his interest in spirituality but also be as universal as possible. Lightts first incarnation as a one-man production project gave birth to three singles: Eyes Closed, Walking On The Edge and When The Summer Dies.

Even though the singles made a good impact on the audience and were featured on many radio stations, Miljan was not happy with the direction of the whole story, so he put Lightts on hold while he continued writing, recording and deleting. He set up a small studio in his apartment and experimented with drum machines, synths, and software. Miljan didn’t know what the final destination would be, but he was eager to make this ride on industrial beats, dancy basslines and ethereal vocal harmonies.

In the summer of 2023, after sharing a bottle of wine and showing one of the new songs to aspiring Viennese singer Christiana Giurgiu, the two decided to start working together. Falling is the first product of their collaboration. With disco-like bass lines, post-punk beats, and church-inspired harmonies, Falling tells a story of late nights, melancholy, escapism, and the search for home — even when that home is nowhere in sight.

Check out Falling above, hear more from Lightts below, and follow them on Instagram.


Photo by Florian Gunacker.