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Albums Of The Week: Everything Everything | Mountainhead

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In another world, society has built an immense mountain.

To make the mountain bigger, they must make the hole they live in deeper and deeper. All of society is built around the creation of the mountain, and a mountain religion dominates all thought. At the top of the mountain is rumoured to be a huge mirror that reflects endlessly recurring images of the self, and at the bottom of the pit is a giant golden snake that is the primal fear of all believers. A “Mountainhead” is one who believes the mountain must grow no matter the cost, and no matter how terrible it is to dwell in the great pit. The taller the mountain, the deeper the hole.

No one quite operates in the realm of the visionary Everything Everything. Setting dystopian Black Mirror-style concepts to songs which thrillingly find the sweet spot between esoteric experimentation and art-pop accessibility, the band have earned critical acclaim and a devoted following in equal measure, leading to five Ivor Novello and two Mercury Prize nominations, a run of five consecutive Top 10 albums, and major headline shows.

Everything Everything have always explored grand concepts in their albums, as demonstrated by 2022’s ahead-of-the-curve Raw Data Feel (which fed everything from forum posts to the teachings of Confucius into an AI program, and used its responses as a basis for its lyrics and titles).

That continues with the release of their new album Mountainhead. While inspired by a possible nightmarish future, it’s full of engaging metaphors for our current existence, from capitalism and environmentalism to religion and celebrity worship. The music is just as engaging, their art-pop heart coloured by an array of off kilter production touches and a newfound alt-pop accessibility.”