Cindë Will Not Be Your Victim!

The Toronto popster comes on strong in an anthem of resilience against deception.

Cindë is sick of watching you play the Victim! in her new single and visualizer video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Armed with an exhilarating blend of genres, gritty Toronto songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has unveiled a potent and unfiltered dive into heartache, deception, and the path to self-empowerment. Renowned for her distinctive mix of pop-punk, emo, and industrial sounds, Cindë navigates the turbulent waters of overcoming profound emotional scars with her edgy power pop energy and sharp, clever wordplay. Victim! offers the first look at her forthcoming EP More Awake Less Alive, exploring themes of love, treachery, and discovery. The track is now streaming on all digital platforms, standing as a notable contribution to Cindë’s repertoire that connects deeply with anyone who has endured the sting of disloyalty and the subsequent quest for strength.

Cindë’s musical voyage, characterized by her energetic songcraft and mastery of multiple instruments, draws significant inspiration from a spectrum of musical legends, from Green Day to SZA. In Victim!, she shares a narrative of intense individual sacrifice and the stark awakening to her partner’s unfaithfulness, transforming her anguish into a robust anthem of resilience. This launch demonstrates her adaptability as an artist as well as her talent for engaging audiences with gripping narratives and true emotional resonance. Victim! was produced by Mike Tompa, mixed by Phil Hotz, and mastered by Kristian Montano.

Having made a splash with her initial release Hittin’ It and collaborations that have achieved impressive streaming numbers, Cindë’s current endeavor is set to further solidify her status as a dynamic presence in the music world. More Awake Less Alive, the upcoming five-song EP featuring Victim!, encapsulates Cindë’s introspective and creative growth. Each piece within the EP details her struggles with sorrow, mistreatment, and the recovery process, designed to flow seamlessly from the concluding track back to the outset — a representation of the recurring nature of emotional recuperation. This pioneering work showcases both Cindë’s deliberate production decisions and her dedication to leveraging music as a vehicle to express and work through intricate emotions, turning hardships into a beacon of strength and creative output.

Watch the video for Victim! above, hear more from Cindë below, and follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.