The Orange Goodness Get At ’Er With Pitter Patter

The Minneapolis rockers celebrate live gigs in their vibrant new single & video.

The Orange Goodness are ready to rock out on their live new single and video Pitter Patter — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Even at a time when the questionable economics of recording are making musicians renew their commitment to performing, a trio of studio aces are the last bunch you’d expect to pen a salute to the in-concert experience. But groove-obsessed Minneapolis alt/indie outfit The Orange Goodness haven’t just dedicated their new single Pitter Patter to “all the live performers of the world;” they’ve imbued every note and drumstroke with the invigorating immediacy of the best gigs you’ve ever been to.

Singer-guitarist Mike Michel, bassist Ian Allison and drummer Reese Kling lock into a light-hearted, herky-jerky rhythm that’ll have you picturing Danny Elfman riding the Tilt-a-Whirl with Les Claypool. Are you coming to us ringside?, the infectious rallying cry demands.

“Belly up here on the inside
Are you coming for the big show?
We’ll lay it out and feel the wind blow
Pitter patter.”

“Most humans seek a sense of community, and have a yearning for a celebratory ceremony where they can release their joy, release their frustration, and mend their sadness,” the band say. “Rock ’n’ roll performances provide safe havens where all are free to be who they really are and experience the majestic nature of music. High fives to all the amazing performers of the world who give us a daily lift and reveal what greatness really is!”

The title Pitter Patter refers to the butterflies that swarm in a performer’s stomach right before showtime. Not that The Orange Goodness have any especial reason to get stage fright, mind you. While they came together as recording-session go-tos (they’ve backed everybody from Haley to Bad Bad Hats to The Unknown Prophets), the reputation they’ve built up since the 2021 release of their debut EP Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos has rested just as much on their abilities as a crackerjack live unit. Their high-energy shows have gotten them invited to appear on club stages, in theaters and at festivals, and they perform regular duty as the backup band for MCs and poets in their native Minnesota.

Watch the video for Pitter Patter above, hear more from The Orange Goodness below, and rock with them at their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.