John Korbel Promises: We Have New York All To Ourselves

The singer-songwriter croons a jazz-pop single from his upcoming debut album.

John Korbel invites you to a romantic weekend in the Big Apple in his new single New York All To Ourselves — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Duke Ellington once mused, “There are two kinds of music: Good and the other kind.” In the first category music, singer-songwriter Korbel stands as an exemplar, seamlessly intertwining contemporary pop, country, jazz structures, and Latin influences into a melodic tapestry that captivates listeners.

Korbel’s musicality, embracing diverse traditions while crafting a distinctive songwriting signature, resonates profoundly. His recent holiday single First Christmas Loving You earned over 150,000 streams and garnered airplay in the U.S. and overseas, netting him TV appearances along the East Coast.

As 2024 commences, Korbel is on the cusp of unveiling his debut album Falling Feels Like Flying. Leading the charge is the smooth and soul-stirring New York All To Ourselves. An enchanting jazz composition that speaks to the depths of the soul, Korbel masterfully draws listeners in with delicate instrumentation, intricate melodies, and rich arrangements.

The saxophone solos woven throughout the track offer pure auditory bliss, evoking the sensation of stepping foot into the city of lights for the first time. Inspired by his own experiences, John wanted to encapsulate the romance of a weekend getaway to New York, crafting a classic-sounding offering reminiscent of Michael Bublé and Tony Bennett.

New York All To Ourselves embodies the essence of a romantic escape, offering a musical narrative that transcends into a cityscape, reverberating with the energy of love and exploration. Korbel’s ability to channel personal experiences into his music yields a magical piece of jazz-pop that lingers long after its final note.

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