Rick Lee Vinson | Evensville: Exclusive Premiere

The Sin City singer-songwriter spins a tale of romantic payback that's old as time.

Rick Lee Vinson is caught in a vicious cycle of romantic revenge in his new single Evensville — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Set to a bouncing backbeat, decorated with guitars that jangle and twang, and topped with a rootsy and rustic fiddle, the veteran Las Vegas singer-songwriter’s latest gem harkens back to the classic country-tinged folk-rock of the late ’60s and early ’70s — while spinning a tale of jealousy and payback that’s as old as time:

“She said, I doubt
If he sees me out
With another guy
It’ll make him cry
But he’ll do the same
It’s a wicked game
But no one is leaving
We just keep getting even

“Getting even
In Evensville
Where love goes to die
Where hearts go to break
It’s loves big mistake
It’s time to move out
Of Evensville.”

Sin City musician Vinson has been on the move for decades. Starting in elementary school and onward, he has never stopped writing, recording and playing in different bands. After touring with the Rockabilly Rebels in the late ’70s, Rick began his solo writing and recording, honing his own skill sets. In the ’80s, he worked extensively with Bob Seger keyboardist Danny Watson, who played synth and sang on some of Vinson’s recordings. Over the years, Rick has toured with Tom Petty, The Clash, Black Oak Arkansas and countless others.

Check out Evensville above, hear more from Rick Lee Vinson below, and find him on his website.