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Albums Of The Week: Good Cop | No Country For The Young

The U.K. punk brigade can't play by society's rules — but they get results, dammit.

Every good cop needs a bad cop. Unless you’re Hertfordshire punk outfit Good Cop. They’ve apparently got both sides of the badge covered with split-personality vocalist Vic Sell.

On the savage young quintet’s new EP No Country For The Young, he spends about half his time shrieking like an uncontrollable outpatient — and the other half growling gutturally like a death-metal Cookie Monster. Meanwhile, his squad of bandmates put the boot in from above, beneath, below and all sides, surrounding him with a barrage of hyperspeed chaos, grinding oppression and relentless ferocity. It doesn’t take them long to get the job done — this sucker blasts through six tracks in under 12 minutes. And judging by song titles like I Identify As A Death Threat, Nice Shot Nancy Boy! and Ol’ Yeller Got The Drop On Me, they don’t lose their sense of humour no matter how grim things get. Which makes it clear they know the other thing every good cop needs: A clever catchphrase. Book ’em.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:No Country For The Young is the latest EP from Hertfordshire-based chaotic hardcore anarchists Good Cop. The band blend elements of hardcore punk, grindcore, emo and metalcore, along with politically charged lyrics reflecting their anarcho-socialist perspective and working-class rage.

No Country For The Young takes on the alienation of workers under capitalism, transphobia, breed-specific legislation and the hopeless situation facing the youth of the country, with the band’s trademark sardonic humour and unhinged anger. Produced by Tom Hill (Other Half, Cassels) at Bookhouse Studios in London, No Country For The Young was recorded live.

As one might expect, Good Cop have been gaining notoriety in the scene for their energetic and unpredictable live show, which has lead them to support MDC, Death Goals, Shooting Daggers and Clobber.”