Arsenal Mills Are Lovesick & Broke On Their Debut Single & Video

The P.E.I. pop-rockers break out with an upbeat number about being down & out.

Arsenal Mills are starting at the bottom with their debut single and video Lovesick & Broke — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This song is a true story about a close friend of mine,” says singer-guitarist Brad Milligan. “He ended up losing someone special to him, which then caused a downward spiral of depression and drinking. We approached this song with the idea of making it as relatable as possible — the most important aspect of any song in any genre — but Lovesick & Broke was written with the hopes it would be sort of therapeutic for him.” Adds lead guitarist Griffen Arsenault: “If you keep telling yourself you’ll be okay, you will … Right?”

The single is the first of a few to land ahead of the Prince Edward Island band’s debut EP, set for release this fall. “Lovesick & Broke helped us find our sound as a collective,” Arsenault says. “It paved the way for the rest of the album.”

Milligan agrees: “This song is the perfect single to showcase what the album has to offer. We’ve been working tirelessly to deliver the best debut EP we possibly can; one that’s full of originality, energy and style.”

Watch the lyric video for Lovesick & Broke above, and follow Arsenal Mills on Facebook and Instagram.