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Chris Carvel | Torn: Exclusive Premiere

The Sydney multi-talent boldy rewrites the rule book with his epic new single.

Chris Carvel’s world has been Torn asunder in his epic new alt-pop single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The first preview of the Sydney singer-songwriter producer and guitar virtuoso’s upcoming album Conversations, Torn is a stunning six-minute stream of consciouness that boldly and stylishly rewrites the rule book. Gradually builds from a gentle ballad into a masterful display of pyrotechnic firework, the shapeshifting track takes the listener on a scenic sonic journey, as Carvel tenderly croons a meditation on loss, perseverance and hope:

“All I had, all I know
Torn apart, slow
And what we have, we never know
‘Til it’s dark and cold
Take your time to grow
The fires from within your soul.”

Carvel says the song that was “inspired by a cold winter morning drinking a take-away long black while sitting on a strip of sunlight in a quiet side street… I wanted this music to make people feel good and provide inspiration. I got really excited about making something beautiful, after a year of focusing on darker things. This is a song that someone might blast on the car radio of a rental they were driving on a road trip, and feel rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start.”

Speaking of fresh starts, Carvel has spent his last three years living an alternative lifestyle. It started with quitting a ‘prestigious’ job so he could have more time to play the guitar, and ended with the production of a full studio album and an awesome collaboration with singer-songwriter Cate Guirguis, who lends her gorgeous pipes to the track.

Reflecting on one of his musical inspirations — the band Polyphia — Chris explains “it’s funny that their latest album is called Remember That You Will Die and, before that came out, I made a poster for my music that read ‘Do what you want to do, you’ll be dead soon’. The message is essentially the same and it’s supposed to be an inspiring one – but a lot of people got offended.”

Check out Torn above, hear more from Chris Carvel below and follow him on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.


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