Michael Isaak Says Hey Boy, It’ll Be OK

The L.A. singer-songwriter pens a letter to his younger self on his latest single.

Michael Isaak reassures himself in his wistful new single and lyric video Hey Boy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The next single off the L.A. singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP, the wistful Hey Boy portrays his internal struggle with his religious past and his urge to chase freedom. It’s a love letter to his younger self, telling him everything will all work out in the end. This is the final single to be released ahead of his upcoming EP, Forever Is A Scary Word.

Hey Boy is a song about wishing well to the former versions of yourself, reminding them that everything will be OK, and it’ll all work out in the end,” Isaak explains. “There’s so much I would say to my younger self, and I wish I could, but I’m also confident he’ll be able to figure it all out on his own.”

Isaak fuses dreamy indie-pop with intimate acoustic folk on his journey through a world that is ever-changing and tragically beautiful. As a first-generation Egyptian-American, Michael offers an ethnic twist to his genre, having grown up on Arabic music. He learned to play piano and ukulele from an early age and later taught himself how to play guitar and use digital audio workstations, receiving his first production credit at 15. Taking inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens, he put out his first single Don’t Like Being Lonely in 2022. He will release Forever Is A Scary Word in January 2024.

Watch the lyric video for Hey Boy above, hear more from Michael Isaak below, and find him on his website, Instagram and TikTok.


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