The Brother Bicker Band Catch Another Kind Of Train

The Calgary country crew make tracks in the title cut from their brand new album.

The Brother Bicker Band head out of town on Another Kind Of Train in their new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track from the Calgary country outfit’s just-released album, Another Kind Of Train is a revealing and bright indication of just how far the seven friends have gone — and how far they intend to go. The band’s self-described Maple Whiskey Rock ’N’ Roll is packed into this rootsy tale of regret, longing and wanderlust.

The Brother Bicker Band’s rich and full sound is put together by singer-guitarists Jeremy Hrdlicka and Tom Mogan, keyboardist Ben Ellard, drummer Matt Dawe, bassist Jim Duncan and vocalists Jennele Coulson and Clarie Wilkes. They have earned two YYC Music Award nominations this and last year. The band’s previous album Hospitality And Northern Charm, released in 2020, was a wide-open look into the group’s range, influences, and how the friends see the world.

Check out Another Kind Of Train above, listen to the rest of the album below, and catch up with The Brother Bicker Band on their website.