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Wheeler CM Sound Clean Up On Kool Keith’s Black Elvis 2 Tour

The landmark collaboration aims to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Wheeler CM Sound, the vanguard of eco-conscious music, are elevating the Kool Keith Black Elvis 2 Tour with their groundbreaking fusion of socially conscious lyrics and sustainable rhythms. In a resounding call for environmental awareness, the collective are weaving their unique message into the fabric of this highly anticipated nationwide tour.

Wheeler CM Sound have emerged as an exemplar in the music industry, heralding a transformative approach that marries the realms of music and sustainability. Their unwavering commitment to minimising carbon footprints in music production and touring is a testament to their mission: inspiring change through the medium of music.

“We firmly believe that music can serve as a powerful catalyst for change,” affirms Elizabeth Diluzio from Wheeler CM Sound. “Our participation in the Black Elvis 2 Tour amplifies our mission to ignite environmental consciousness on a broader scale.”

Elizabeth has also been monitoring the group’s eco-friendly practices to ensure they inspire and act as a witness to other touring artists, kicking off a new trend to tour more responsibly.

The Black Elvis 2 Tour, fronted by the iconic Kool Keith, has already stirred immense excitement within the music community. Wheeler CM Sound’s inclusion in the tour lineup promises to infuse a dynamic eco-conscious element into the concert experience.

During their performance, audiences can anticipate an electrifying synergy of socially charged lyrics and sustainable beats. The collective’s dedication to eco-friendliness is evident in their meticulous choice of environmentally friendly equipment, waste-reduction strategies, and their endeavour to inspire eco-conscious practices among their fan base.

This collaboration between Wheeler CM Sound and Kool Keith is a testament to the transformative power of music to kindle change, champion environmental mindfulness, and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Listen to Wheeler CM Sound’s latest single Kingston Girl below, get more information on them HERE, find a tour date near you below, and get tickets HERE.


Black Elvis 2 Tour Dates


Oct. 17 | Arcata Theatre Lounge, Arcata CA
Oct. 18 | Brick & Mortar, San Francisco CA
Oct. 19 | Harlow’s, Sacramento CA
Oct. 20 | Garden Amphitheatre, Garden Grove CA
Oct. 21 | Trill, Phoenix AZ
Oct. 23 | Mercury House, El Prado NM
Oct. 24 | Lauter Haus Brewing, Farmington NM
Oct. 25 | Mesa Theater, Grand Junction CO
Oct. 27 | Record Bar, Kansas City MO
Oct. 29 | TX Trees, Dallas TX
Oct. 30 | Antones, Austin TX
Oct. 31 | Poor Boys, New Orleans LA


Nov. 3 | Frankies, Toledo OH
Nov. 5 | Ember Music Hall, Richmond VA
Nov. 7 | Spirit Lounge, Pittsburgh PA
Nov. 10 | 529 Atlanta, Atlanta GA
Nov. 12 | Salvage Station, Asheville NC
Nov. 14 | Oxford Pennant Stage, Buffalo NY
Nov. 15 | Colony, Woodstock NY
Nov. 17 | The Shaskeen, Manchester NH
Nov. 19 | Sony Hall, NYC NY
Nov. 25 | The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI


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