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Albums Of The Week: Fire Down Below | Low Desert Surf Club

I don't know if they have deserts in Belgium, but they obviously have stoner rockers.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Produced by Elder frontman Nick DiSalvo and recorded by renowned Berlin engineer Richard Berhens at Dunk! Studios, Low Desert Surf Club contains nine fuzzed-out and sunbaked feel-good hits highly evocative of a road trip through the Californian desert. From the high-speed frenzy of bangers like Cocaine Hippo and Surf Queen to the heavier and mind-altering vibe of Hazy Snake and Here Comes The Flood, this is an instant stoner-rock classic that should enthrall fans of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and 1000mods!

“Written when people were confined to their houses, live music was banned and putting four guys together in a room to jam was borderline illegal, we made the decision not to lament and weep, but instead make an album full of positive vibes and hope for better days to return soon,” the band say. “So we started writing songs that made us feel like we were driving through wide-open deserts, exploring new lands or partying at the beach all day and all night long. After exploring outer space on our second album Hymn Of The Cosmic Man, this album feels closer to the vibes on our debut Viper Vixen Goddess Saint.”

Formed in 2015 in the Belgian city of Ghent, Fire Down Below first stepped into the spotlight in 2016 with their self-released debut album Viper Vixen Goddess Saint. The album quickly garnered international praise and caught the attention of California-based label Ripple Music, who reissued the album and released their sophomore album Hymn Of The Cosmic Man in 2018.

Low Desert Surf Club was recorded in late 2022. The band sought and found a producer in DiSalvo, famed frontman of the bands Elder and Delving. “We felt like it was time to try something new and work with a producer,” the band say. “We knew we would not accept criticism from just anybody, so we had to find the right guy. At the top of our shortlist was Nick DiSalvo. We asked him if he would be up for the job and much to our delight he accepted.”

Fire Down Below are known for energetic live shows, with sweat often dripping from the walls by the time they quit the stage. They have shared lineups with bands like Fu Manchu, Sleep, Monster Magnet, Acid King, Naxatras and Stoned Jesus, and have appeared on festivals such as Desertfest Antwerp (Be), Desertfest London (UK), Desertfest Ghent (Be), Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal Festival (Be), Ripplefest Cologne (DE) and Westill Fest (Fr).