Jamie McRoberts Is Having One Of Those Days

The singer-songwriter's latest speaks to those having anxiety in relationships.

Jamie McRoberts does her best to hang in there while Having One Of Those Days in her new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The third single from her debut album Bring Me Your ‘A’ Game, Having One Of Those Days — crafted in partnership with legendary songwriter, producer, and music executive Ross Vannelli — offers a very contemporary take on love. McRoberts’ deeply personal ballad speaks hard truths about the times when life doesn’t go as planned, and the need to build relationship resilience to get through tough times together.

McRoberts says the song is one that she holds “closest to her heart”, as it offers a glimpse into the world of anxiety she struggled with for most of her adult life. Not bad for a woman who says she wasn’t interested in writing love songs. But after initial discussions with Vannelli, she penned lyrics that speak to those dealing with anxiety in relationships:

“Maybe it’s the times we are living
It seems like we are just existing
Tell me it’s gonna get better
It’s just a phase we’ll get through this together.”

“It’s the promise to a partner who is watching someone they love struggle, that it’s possible to put all of this stress behind them if they just hold on,” McRoberts says. “I had already fallen in love with the instrumentals Ross had put together. And when he suggested the lyrical hook ‘having one of those days,’ I knew immediately how to connect with that.”

This song also helped her fall back in love with playing the piano. Growing up as a classically trained pianist, she associated the instrument with perfection, stress, and exhaustion. But when watching the video playback for Having One Of Those Days for the first time, she felt a surge of emotion. “Now my instrument plays a big part in the telling of my own personal stories. My piano and I have come full circle, and there is something so wonderfully freeing about using it as part of telling my truths,” she said.

Since the age of five, McRoberts has been training as an actor/performer, and has performed across Canada and internationally. She has been featured in Rock of Ages at Stage West Calgary and All Shook Up at Stage West Mississauga. Currently, she is in Maggie, a new Canadian Musical created and co-written by Johnny Reid and Matt Murray.

Watch the video for Having One Of Those Days above, sample more from Jamie McRoberts below, and spend the day on her website, Instagram and Facebook.