NuAsia Wonder: Why Are You Back?

The L.A. country-popsters' latest track captures the compexities of fading love.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging onto the modern country pop scene, rising musical sensation NuAsia unveil their latest single Why Are You Back, a heartfelt ballad that delves deep into the complexities of fading love. The song, characterized by its impassioned vocals, captivating harmonies, and crescendoing instrumentals, poignantly portrays the desperation experienced when a cherished connection slips through one’s grasp.

The latest chapter from their upcoming concept album Quiet Violence, this melancholic track paints an evocative picture of the initial stages of a relationship unraveling, triggered by the resurgence of an ignored partner’s former flame. Why Are You Back weaves nostalgic lyrics and a sense of uncertainty into its tapestry. “This is the next chapter of the troubled relationship where the ex of the ignored partner makes contact,” explains band leader and drummer Roshan Seresinhe. “In her vulnerable position, does she fall for him?”

Co-producers and songwriters David Tough, Saint Cloud and Seresinhe seamlessly blend their creative genius, while the engineering brilliance of Trevor Coulter (known for work with Lykke Li, James Vickery, Matt Nathanson) and mastering by Adam Mandelson ensure a sonic masterpiece that resonates with the soul.

This unique sextet is a remarkable manifestation of NuAsia’s proficient musicians are adeptly forging a new and distinctive path within country music. United by their shared Asian heritage and a profound affinity for country music, they epitomize the emergent cohort of Asian artists gaining traction in both the country and pop genres. Spanning an age spectrum spanning from 20 to 60, the ensemble effectively refutes any notion of age as a constraining factor in the pursuit of musical excellence. Their steadfast commitment to societal integrity finds artistic expression through their evocative lyrical content and entrancing musical arrangements, amplifying the narrative of inclusivity and potency that defines this superlative collective.

Check out Why Are You Back above, hear more from NuAsia below, and find them on their website, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.