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Now Hear This: TRZTN | Royal Dagger Ballet

The multi-talented multi-tasker enlists high-profile friends for his art-pop outing.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tristan Bechet (aka TRZTN) is a musician, composer, and producer based in New York and Paris. Born in Portugal, raised in Brazil and N.Y.C., he has moved from visual art, to the avant-garde, art-rock and electronic music in various forms and incarnations. He has been composing, producing, and performing whilst remaining resolute in the creation of challenging, high-concept music.

As founder, guitarist/vocalist and frontman of industrial no-wave band Flux Information Sciences, he released Private/Public on Swans leader Michael Gira’s Young God Records and was featured in acclaimed documentary Kill Yr Idols. He later created the electronic rock duo Services, a noise, new wave and synth-punk outfit that released Your Desire is My Business and several singles. After many tours and festivals the band dissolved, but not the legend.

TRZTN’s idiosyncratic approach to composing uses a collision of electronic sound design, rhythm noise as melody; always unexpected and experimenting with modern electronics. His search for the innovative and cutting edge is paramount to the work. He has composed for a myriad of movies. He developed an art installation with a re-imagined version of David Bowie’s Life On Mars video. He has collaborated with many artists, filmmakers and musicians, incuding FM Einheit of Einsturzende Neubauten and Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He has made multiple remixes for several cohorts.

His latest project is a personal album titled Royal Dagger Ballet, in which he collaborated with motley crew of singular vocalists including Paul Banks from the New York band Interpol, Jonathan Bree, Karen O and others.”