Animals In Denial Persevere With Because Reasons Revisited

The industrial rocker continues to fight the good fight on his latest release.

Animals In Denial refuse to be deterred by naysayers in their gritty industrial rocker Because Reasons Revisited — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The track is the first from the upcoming revisited series of songs originally released as rough demos. All of the songs have been remixed and remastered using a combination of studio upgrades and AI tools. “When the songs first came to me, my gear and studio was in sort of flux and was really just a place to write,” says AID mastermind Christian Imes. “So, computer power was low and postproduction aka the bring it to market stuff wasn’t there.”

The lyrical inspiration came from his experience participating in the industrial goth scene and not having a good time. The older generations were flooding him with negative energy, thoughts, and advice, complaining about everything to do with being an artist. “I got told I was young and naive and to do less stuff because it’s not worth it,” he shares. “I was constantly told about the cost, and generally given a ton of bad advice from a bunch of brilliant but super-jaded artists.”

This sentiment that nobody cares so why bother caused him to pull back and eventually disappear from that community. But he saw people whose drive for making music was stronger than the fight. So, Because Reasons really embraces that idea that his music may never get Animals In Denial in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame or win him a Grammy, but at least he did it.

Check out Because Reasons Revisited above and below, and keep up with Animals In Denial on their website, Facebook and Twitter.