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Next Week in Music | Aug. 28 – Sept. 3 • The Long List: 350 Releases On The Way

Welcome to the top of the roller coaster. Remember to keep your arms inside the car.

The roller-coaster is inching upward. We are thisdamnclose to the top of that first giant hill. Before we plunge headlong into the annual freefall of fall releases, enjoy these last moments of relative calm — with the help of the 350 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. And remember: Keep your arms inside the car:



Acidgvrl | Nights Before The AI
Charli Adams | Nothing to Be Scared Of
Aesop Rock | Skelethon 10th Anniversary Edition
Kim Albert | To Hold It All
Arthur Alexander | Oh Lulu, Won’t You Be My Girl Single
Ancient Pools | Casio Casual
Umeko Ando | Upopo Sanke
Animal Collective | Isn’t It Now
Jacob Aranda | War Planes
Armnhmr | Together As One
Artificial Red | Time Is Now White Vol​.​ 26
Aunty Rayzor | Viral Wreckage
Aviations | Luminaria
Chase B | Street Sweeper
Bakar | Halo
William Basinski | Melancholia Reissue
Baxaxaxa | De Vermis Mysteriis
Beenie Man | Simma
Berechet & Hazey | Shakira
Bergegas Mati | Human Genital Genocide
Berkley | Your Place
Will Bernard and Beth Custer | Sky
Natalia Beylis | Mermaids
Bien et Toi | Voici
Bigstrut | Bigstrut
Birthh | Moonlanded
Blackburn Brothers | SoulFunkn’Blues
Black Magic Six | Black Cloud Descending
Blanket | Blue Eyes
Blu & Real Bad Man | Bad News
The Boo Radleys | Giant Steps Reissue
Duke Boara | Brain Theory EP
Boston 168 | Gigantia
Bowes Road Band | Back In The HCA
Boyband | But It’s Goth
Kat Bryan | Luna
Bullant | Late Life Circ
Lauren Calve | Shift
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons | Kings Of The Asylum
Philip Seth Campbell | City Lights
Jim Campilongo & Steve Cardenas | New Year
Belinda Carlisle | Decades Vol. 1: The Studio Albums Part 1
Chalkwife | Quasar
Cignature | Us In The Summer
The Cinematic Orchestra | Man With A Movie Camera 20th Anniversary Edition
Graham Collier Music | Smoke​-​Blackened Walls & Curlews
The Color Of Cyan | Egress
Marc Copland | Someday
Corker | Falser Truths
Crack Cloud | Crackin Up: Live In London
Crowes Pasture | Don’t Blink
Cslty | Ghost In The Machine EP
Da$h | SkrewFace 2
Kris Davis | Diatom Ribbons Live At The Village Vanguard
Dayaway | Blue Summer Moon EP
Deacon Blue | All the Old 45s: The Very Best of Deacon Blue
Deacon Blue | You Can Have It All: The Complete Albums Collection
Helena Deland | Bright Green Vibrant Gray
Kat DeLuna | Hottie With A Body
Lupe De Lupe | Um Tijolo Com Seu Nome
Demoniac | Nube Negra
Christian Dillingham | Cascades
Dirty Ass | Setubuhi Dirimu Sendiri EP
Dope Lemon | Kimosabè
Dream | To Whoever Wants To Hear
Dust & Lust | Cruz Control
Dying In Texas | Rest In Texas
Kyle Eastwood | Eastwood Symphonic
Eaten By Snakes | Peace & Love
Eat My Butterfly | Esperar El Sol
Eclipse | Megalomanium
Eee Gee | She-Rex
Eff Yoo & Deep | Respectfully
Elephants And Stars | Get Your Own Army EP
Nieve Ella | Lifetime Of Wanting
Elle Belle | How Do I Feel?
Empire State Bastard | Rivers of Heresy
Enola Gay | Casement EP
Escape The Fate | Out Of The Shadows
Essential Forever | Essential Forever
Excuse Me | II: Left Behind
Fabled Mind | Project Paradise
Fake Fever | Inside the Well
Farscape | Purged and Forgotten
The Fauves | Faematronic Reissue
Brian Fechino | Reflection Spaces Vol. 2
Feeding Pigeonz | Our Utopia
Field Medic | Light Is Gone 2
Firewind | Still Raging: 20th Anniversary Show
Rae Fitzgerald | Say I Look Happy
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique | The Devil Sold Me This EP
Flamingo Pier | Beneath The Neon
Larry Fleet | Earned It
4 226 | Co$aNo$tra
Peter Frampton | Live At Royal Albert Hall
Frankie & The Witch Fingers | Data Doom
Raz Fresco & Figub Brazlevic | 777
Freddy Fresh | Candyland EP
Fuckleberry Hinn | Neither/Nor
Elliott Fullam | End of Ways
The Fusion Syndicate | A Speedway On Saturn’s Rings
Ghost Of Vroom | Ghost Of Vroom 3
Gift Horse | Cultural Payout
Grandaddy | Sumday Twunny Box Set
Sofia Grant | Extinction EP
Griff | Vertigo Single
Grill Z | Mystery X3
The Grunions | Shadow Breaker
Gustavoegatotv | Speed Up
Guzo | Unhappy Unwell
GWAR | Battle Maximus 10th Anniversary Edition
David Hall & The Green Lanterns | Canboro Canborough
GW Harrison | People Everywhere
Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo | Phantasmagoria In Blue
Heads For The Dead | In The Absence Of Faith
Hella | Hold Your Horse Is Deluxe Reissue
Hey Colossus | In Blood
Hi, Sasquatch | In Squares
Christian Høgh | Hvis Jeg Var En Anden
Holm | Alien Health
H1-Key | Seoul Dreaming
Human Growth | Lube Factory
Geraldine Hunt | Can’t Fight The Feeling
Hydroplane | Selected Songs 1997​-​2003
Hyperdose | Art of You
Icona Pop | Club Romantech
Idiot Gang | Why I’m Better Than You
Gendo Ikari | Rokubungi
Illa J | No Traffic
Lola Indigo & Dellafuente | Mala Suerte Single
Inner Flight | Inner Flight
Islet | Soft Fascination
Jain | Makeba (Super Disco Club Rework)
Jean-Michel Jarre | Les Granges Br​û​l​é​es
Jasho Jr. | Noisy Colors III
Jättendam | Onda Blommor
Jessika | World Ain’t Ready
Jethro Tull | The Broadsword And The Beast: 40th Anniversary Monster Edition
Jhariah | Risk, Risk, Risk!
Dadá Joãozinho | Tds Bem Global
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti | Déjà Vu
Joey Joesph | Triple Fantasy
Jungle Breed | Wynona, Paloma, Papilloma
Juno | No Good (All I Want)
Just Friends | Gusher
Muito Kaballa | Like A River
Bobby Kapp & Richard Sussman | Synergy
Kau | The Cycle Repeats
K-Group | New Series 1
Kinetic 9 | Nine
KKbutterfly27xx | Obsessed With The Boy Single
Chaz Knapp, Cy Werner, Chaz Prymek | Microfolk
Kuchy | קוצ’י – אין לי שמץ
Marem Ladson | Baby Light EP
Lamila | In Between Single
Renée Landry | Memoirs Of A Broken Heart EP
Lathe Of Heaven | Bound By Naked Skies
Laya | Bet That EP
Leo/Need | Voices / The Wall
Lisa Lerkenfeldt | Shell Of A City
Lin | Gradient
Liv.e | Githpremixedition
Lizki | Lose My Head
Lord Of Shadows | Echoes Of Yore
Ama Lou | I Came Home Late
Love Tractor | Around the Bend 40th Anniversary Edition
Ludmilla | Vilâ Live EP
Noah Lyas & Eafhm | Rhythms And Thoughts
Machinedrum & Holly | 天​の​川 (River of Heaven)
Manas | At House Unamerican
Måneskin | Honey! (Are U Coming?) Single
Marduk | Memento Mori
Marene | Rising After Midnight
Marsha & The Positrons | Energetic
May-a | Analysis Paralysis EP
Lauren Mayberry | Are You Awake?
Meeez | Ultra Glitter Star
Mercy System | Procedures
B.michaael | Gore
Middex | In Second Floor and Third Floor Story
Midwxst | E3
Milet | 5am
Kellan Miller & The Basterds | Juvenilia
Molar System | Experiments
Coco Montoya | Writing On The Wall
Monty | No Sunset For Soul
Amelia Moore | Over My Ex
Mssv | Human Reaction
Augustus Muller | Cellulosed Bodies Score
Róisín Murphy | The House
NateWantsToBattle | Socioenvy
Native Nod | This Can’t Exist
The Natvral | Summer Of No Light
NCT | Golden Age: The Fourth Album
Neavh | Nook
Svitlana Nianio | Transilvania Smile, 1994
Lockwood Nicks | Prosperity
The 1975 | The 1975 10th Anniversary Edition
Noahfinnce | Growing Up On The Internet Single
Noise River | Songs Of Joy & Black Magic
Not Marshall | Anomaly Machine
Nott | Hiraeth
Odd Circus | Viridian
Ofermod / Acherontas / Black Altar | Drakonian Elitism Split
Orangestar | And So Henceforth
Osees | Stunner
Östro 430 | Punkrock nach Hausfrauenart
Outergods | A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage of Heaven
Pale Blue Eyes | This House
Pandemic Pete | Disillusionment Boulevard
The Paper Kites | At the Roadhouse
Patoranking | World Best
Big John Patton | Let ‘Em Roll Reissue
Paula | There I Go!!! (But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You?)
Perennial | The Leaves Of Autumn Symmetry
P.G. Six | Murmurs & Whispers
Phish | Aug. 31, 2023 | Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
Phish | Sept. 1, 2023 | Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
Phish | Sept. 2, 2023 | Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
Phish | Sept. 3, 2023 | Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
Phish | Summer 2023
Chris Pierce | Let All Who Will
Platzgumer / Tokujirô | Taishô Romantica
Polaris | Fatalism
Precarious Towers | Ten Stories
Precocious Neophyte | Home in the Desert
The Pretenders | Relentless
Pretty Awkward | Pretty Awkward
The Pretty Flowers | A Company Sleeve
Pretty in Pink | Pillows
Primal Fear | Code Red
Public Memory | Elegiac Beat
Puma Blue | Holy Waters
Flora Purim | Complete Warner Recordings
Qveen Herby | Housewife
Johnny Rawls | Walking Heart Attack
Razumikhin | Self-Made Monster
Reverence to Paroxysm | Lux Morte
Buddy Rich | Trios
Anthony Ritchie | Symphony No. 6
Nile Rivers | On Letting Me Down Gently (Early Demo)
Renya Roberts | Bad Girl Bible Vol. 1
Eugene S. Robinson | A Walk Across Dirty Water & Straight Into Murderer’s Row Book
Romeo’s Daughter | Slipstream
Jeff Rosenstock | Hellmode
Routine Death | Comrade
Royal Blood | Back To The Water Below
Sandy Salisbury & Curt Boettcher | Try For The Sun
Mark Sanders, Chris Mapp, Andrew Woodhead | CollapseUncollapse
Sarram | Pàthei Màthos
Satchy | Overflow
Satl & Artificial Intelligence | Stronger (ft. Gigi Da​​​á​​​i) Single
Saxohilia Saxophone Quarter | Metamorphosis
Tom James Scott | Nightshade
Secret Agent Gel | Stay Up Late (ft. Esther Denis)
Seraphic | Seraphic
Shank Painters | Spore Sessions No. 22
Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos | Botanical Story
Ian Shaw | Greek Street Friday
Derek Sherinian & Simon Phillips | Sherinian / Phillips Live
Wayne Shorter | Schizophrenia Reissue
Show Me The Body | Trouble The Water Remixes EP
Sigala | Every Cloud
Sigur Rós | ÁTTA Vinyl
Silent Skies | Dormant
The Sindecut & Ijeoma | Late
Sleepingfeverdream | Losing My Mind
Slowdive | Everything Is Alive
Small Million | Passenger
Snek | I’ve Got Better Things To Do Than What I’m Doing Right Now
Snowgoons | 1st Of Da Month Vol. 2
Soen | Memorial
Sonar Pocket | Sonar Pocket: 15th Anniversary
Sonic Ablutions | Sonic Ablutions
Sonny & The Sunsets | Self Awareness Through Macrame
Luísa Sonza | Escândalo Íntimo
Soul Movers | Dumb Luck
The Sound That Ends Creation | Exactly What You Thought, But Worse Than You Imagined
Southern Empire | Another World
Spare Snare | The Brutal (Redux)
Speedy Ortiz | Rabbit Rabbit
Spirit Of The Beehive | I’m So Lucky EP
Sprain | The Lamb As Effigy or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine
Stein Roger Sordal | As I Try to Remember​…​
Stegosaurus | When We Were Small
Joel Stoker | The Undertow
Stoneburner | The Great Filter
Subjoi | Rotary EP
Sugar Sk*-*lls | Two​-​Chambered
Sult | Always I Gnaw
Surgeon | Balance Reissue
Surgeon | Basictonalvocabulary Reissue
Taake | Et Hav Av Avstand
Taking Meds | Dial M For Meds
Ta-ku | Songs To Come Home To
Tefflon | Ephialtes
Tekno | The More, The Better
Telekrimen | El Circo del Brujo
Temp-Illusion | Failsafe
Timbaland, Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake | Keep Going Up
TV Torrance | The Search For Bitches & A Job
Touchdown Boy | Music
Transverse | Returning to the Fount of Destruction
Pat Travers & Carmine Appice | Bazooka Reissue
Trout | Colourpicker EP
Hikari Tsukumi | Sorede Iino
Tube Alloys | Magnetic Point
TV’s Daniel | Never Change
Unbroken Dub | Highway Sleepers EP
Undergang | De Syv Stadier Af Ford​æ​rv
Usof | Wish You Were Nicer
Vak | The Islands
The Vaqueros | 80 Foot Wave
Various Artists | Comp Punksylvania
Various Artists | Hexagonal Club Vol. 4
Various Artists | Paul Hillery Presents We Are The Children of the Setting Sun
Robert Vendetta | Here and Now
Vials of Wrath | Ataraxia 1 & 2
Vmrrobotic | Fragments Of Subconscious
Wahzzy | Main Character
Tom Waits | Franks Wild Years Vinyl Reissue
Tom Waits | Rain Dogs Vinyl Reissue
Tom Waits | Swordfishtrombones Vinyl Reissue
Isaac Watters | Extended Play 002
W.A.T. | World According To
Weird Tales | Second Coming, Second Crucifixion
Tom White | Medina Vibrations
Wide Mouth Mason | Late Night Walking
Wild Wes | Free Thugger
Steven Wilson | Economies of Scale
Larry Wish | Capricorn Sun
Ruby Wood | Sincerely EP
X:IN | Synchronicity
Opal X | Environments
X.Y.R. | Memory Tapes
Xzeannoonn | Finding The Groove EP
Mary Yalex | Fantasy Zone
Chihiro Yamanaka | Dolce Vita
Yeule | Inferno
Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Odeon Budokan
Young Scooter | Streetz Krazy
Yung Prostate | Baboon
Yung Snapp | Hotel Montana
Greyson Zane | Emo Trash
Ziggy | So Bad, It’s Real