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Albums Of The Week: Suzi Quatro & KT Tunstall | Face To Face

A glam icon and a modern-day roots-rocker join forces — and end up with an album full of low-key pop-rock and folk that are far more instrospective than you’d expect.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Two generations of rock icons join forces on Face To Face, the new creative collaboration between Suzi Quatro and KT Tunstall, out now on the legengary Sun Records label.

KT and Suzi recorded Face To Face — an album of original duets written by the duo — together in England, with Suzi’s son LR Tuckey serving as producer. The record covers themes of love and loss, fear and triumph — all essential to their experiences as groundbreaking women in rock.

“I was a fan of KT from the first hit — liked her voice, her songwriting and her musicianship,” says Suzi. “We are indeed cut from the same cloth which is where our artistry met and flourished. A match made in heaven.” KT adds, “Working with Suzi has been such a beautiful flow state of friendship and creation. We work in her home, sitting on the floor, bare feet, and we talk WAY more than we write!! And then the songs just arrive so fast, like gifts from the universe.”

The video for the album’s first single Shine A Light was directed and edited by Josh McCartney, and features footage of Suzi and KT recording in
England. “Shine A Light is not just about loving yourself, but also shedding those who wish to keep you down,” KT shares. “Suzi and I shared our own stories of experiencing this, and how we’ve both learned to only let those people in who want to see good things happen for you.” Says Suzi, “We wrote this song about recognizing and allowing that ‘special’ light inside of us to shine. And, as the lyric says: ’Shine a light on me or let me be.’ Amen.”