Weekend Mixtape | More Than 310 Songs That Leave No Stone Unturned (Side 4)

Yeah, you read that right: Today’s roundup contains more than 310 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. So why the hell are you wasting time reading this when you should be listening and watching? Speaking of watching, keep an eye out for your Tinnitist-approved tracks — they’re tagged with a ⭐️. Your weekend (and mine) starts now:



1⭐️ Cannibal Corpse | Blood Blind

2Callous Hands | The Great Unknown

3⭐️ Weedevil | Darkness Inside

4⭐️ Burning Witches | Evil Witch

5Doro | Time For Justice

6Bloodbound | Tales From The North

7Who On Earth | Set Me Free

8Krashkarma | 15 Minutes Of Pain

9Structural | My Grass Is Greener

10The Stone Eye | T.G.R.

11Vantablack Warship | Inside His Mind

12⭐️ Widow’s Peak | The Worming Hour

13Sevendust | Holy Water

14Urne | The Burden

15Bad As | The Best

16Texas In July | False Divinity

17Classless Act | Storm Before The Calm (ft. DMC)

18Michael Neary | Andromida

19Tumulation | Shattered Under The Eclipse