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Now Hear This: Memorrhage | Memorrhage

A multi-talented Texan revisits, revamps and revitalizes the sound of classic nu-metal with this collection of mind-melding, shape-shifting and superbly constructed gems.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Memorrhage is the nu-metal solo project by Texan Garry Brents. This project is a nostalgic tribute to growing up with nu-metal in the ’90s/’00s by combining different flavors of the genre and a blend of influences from the same era, like metallic hardcore, grind, and industrial metal.

“Nu-metal was the first genre I latched on to, moved away from for nearly 20 years, and then came back to with more appreciation and love for the genre than I did as a kid,” Brents says. “A lot of different sounds from the genre shape this album along with influences from other heavy music like industrial metal, grind, and metallic hardcore.

“Each song on this album represents its own ‘episode’ like a sci-fi anthology with different perspectives revolving around cybernetics, time travel, mechs, and body horror. The vibe of Terminator 2 crossed with Hellraiser, Robotech, and Deus Ex.”