Gideon Foster Delivers A Personal Affirmation

The emerging artist defies traditional songwriting with his mysterious new single.

Gideon Foster shares a life-changing Affirmation in his enigmatic and intriguing new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest single and opening track from the idiosyncratic U.K. singer-songwriter’s debut album Prophecy, Affirmation defies traditional songwriting structure and rules, inhabiting a hazy, dream-like netherworld where a punchy stop-start drumbeat, slashing guitars and swirling synths surround Foster’s layered vocals and mysteriously poetic run-on lyrics:

“Hey man I’d like to know you cold ice stare I behold you
Truth be told running guns
Does it make you sweat? Does it make me sweat?
Your best friend knows the truth is I don’t mind
You say its all about being strong
The more you stare the more I move on
Your best friend says I don’t mind
Your best friend says the more you stare move on
I’m not casting seeds on stone I’m not like you all alone
Tell me when you’re ready tell me when you’re done.”

Affirmation is (about) the corporate world I left behind to write music,” Foster explains, “a world that will always be a part of my journey to here but a world that resonated with me less and less as life progressed.”

Based in Yorkshire, Foster answered his calling a little later than most, not producing a song until his mid-40s. But he hasn’t stopped since, releasing many singles, an EP, and most recently Prophecy, a musical documentation of his journey. “The album is really an introspective journey; it was recorded with the great help and inspiration of my producer Si, who has imparted so much of his musical knowledge to me whilst we’ve been working together and it’s really a journey from the past to the present.

Prophecy has been a work in progress for the 53 years I have been living, but for the first 45 years of that time I didn’t realize I wanted to write songs — I’ve always had a love of music and played guitar a bit, but until I had a spiritual awakening nine years ago, none of it made sense. My life changed as a result of this event, and I started to look for meaning in my life and songwriting became that meaning and almost a means of documenting the journey.”

Check out Affirmation above, sample more from Gideon Foster below, and find him on his website, Facebook and Twitter.