Wednesday Mixtape | More Than 130 Songs That Get My Vote (Side 7)

So, let me get this straight: Warren Zevon and The White Stripes didn’t get in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but DJ Kool Herc and Don Cornelius did? Do any of the people who vote for these honours ever look at the name on the building? Maybe it’s time they change it to something a little more inclusive. Speaking of inclusivity, you’ll find plenty in today’s lineup of 130-plus new singles videos, cover tunes, remixes, buried treasures, golden oldies and live performances. Most of them are exclusives; all of them are winners. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🏆. No envelopes required:



1Jack Savoretti | Vedrai Vedrai (Live From Venice)

2🏆 Wolf Eyes | Dreams In Splattered Lines

3Ethel Merman |Anything You Can Do, They Say It’s Wonderful, I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning, & more

4🏆 Koralle | Mandala (feat. Pachakuti)

5Siema Ziemia | We Used To Cry


7Big Liquid | Loose Corner


9🏆 Jim O’Rourke | A Man’s Mind Will Play Tricks On Him 

10Shida Shahabi | Aestus