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Jeff Sammut Loves Remembering Pop Culture’s Past

The veteran radio host has just kicked off his new podcast series.

Who doesn’t love taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing? After all, there were probably many iconic figures who made a huge impact on you — so wouldn’t it be cool to learn more about what made them tick?

That’s the concept behind Remembering with Jeff Sammut, a new weekly podcast hosted by the 30-year radio veteran who unlocks all the behind-the-scenes stories of your favourite cultural figures.

Remembering kicked off April 13 with the Toronto host remembering the late, great singer-songwriter, Tragically Hip frontman and legendary CanRock icon Gord Downie. This episode gives the listeners an in-depth account of his life and an inside perspective from Gord’s wife Kaya Usher, who shares many amazing, heartfelt stories.

Remembering is … dedicated to meaningful conversations with those closely connected with who and what we fondly remember,” says Sammut. “Guests will walk through conversations, events, venues, years, TV shows, movies, and everything worth remembering. This is the podcast that makes you smile with memories that’ll come flooding back of who or what we are remembering.”

Sammut asks probing questions to further enhance the conversations throughout each episode: What was Gord Downie like at home as a husband and father? What happened when Carrie Fisher first walked onto the set of Star Wars? What was it like as a cast member of M*A*S*H to say goodbye to the series? Only a select few can answer those questions, and Sammut gets to uncover those truths as he dives into conversations with his respective guests who take the listeners on a journey through those memories.

“I have created a show that I want to listen to,” he says. “While being a very curious person, my guests invite me to memory lanes that I never thought I’d get to walk down and I’m bringing my listeners with me.”

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Remembering With Jeff Sammut Schedule:

Episode 1: Gord Downie with Kaya Usher (April 13)
Episode 2: The Golden Girls with Stan Zimmerman (April 20)
Episode 3: Pat Marsden with Don Landry (April 27)
Episode 4: Star Wars with Roger Christian (May 4)
Episode 5: Bob Hope with Martha Bolton (May 11)
Episode 6: Tony Fernandez with Jesse Barfield (May 18)
Episode 7: Bob Einstein with John Byner (May 25)
Episode 8: M*A*S*H with Loretta Swit (June 1)
Episode 9: John Lennon with Bob Gruen (June 8)
Episode 10: Terry Fox with Fred Fox (June 15)