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Area Resident Shares His Record Store Day Want List

Our resident vinyl junkie shares his list of top picks for this year's celebration.

If you have any money left after buying copies of my new album Phosphene (out April 21 on cassette and CD, and in a few months on vinyl), there are some very cool things you may want to consider trying to get your hands on this Saturday, Record Store Day. In fact, there are 400 “new” releases to choose from.

Of course, you probably know there’s a decent chance what you’re drooling for may not be available — either because some monster got the last one before you did, or your local shop didn’t manage to get any copies. You might need to make some inquiries, best done in-person. You may need to line up early. Maybe the releases are American, because there’s two lists — a Canadian one and a U.S. one. That means you might need to get what you want on Discogs in the hours or days to follow RSD. Even the best indie stores can’t usually get everything they want. Sometimes it’s a bit of a crapshoot, but here are 20 Record Store Day releases which interest or tempt me more than others.

Before we begin, I’ll tell you I don’t go for picture discs, with the exception of that R.E.M. Chronic Town one which came out last year. Lots of picture discs sound crummy, and in my experience, don’t really fetch much on the aftermarket if that’s your bag. If you’re a crazy collector of a particular band or artist, sure, go for it. But I’m not putting any of them on my list.

Here we go — in no particular order:

1 | Thin Lizzy | Live and Dangerous

It just so happens I’ve been on a Thin Lizzy swing lately, so this is a welcome surprise. The original 1978 version of this record is often considered among the best live albums ever. It was compiled from all three shows of their run at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in November 1976. This new RSD release is the complete first night only.

2 | Miles Davis | Turnaround: Rare Miles From The Complete On the Corner Sessions

Rare Miles tracks from the sessions for his legendary 1972 fusion album On The Corner.

3 | Midlake | Live At The Roundhouse

An opportunity to hear the band perform tracks from all their releases. Recorded a little more than a year ago. It includes the incredible Roscoe, which I love.

4 | Taylor Swift | Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

Her pandemic album was the best-selling record in 2022. This is basically a soundtrack for the movie available on Disney+.

5 | T. Rex | Rockin’ & Rollin’

If you don’t own any T. Rex, this might be a great place to start — a 1973 compilation which until now was only ever released in Japan.

6 | Pixies | Demos

The songs left off the band’s debut Come On Pilgrim are being released for the first time on vinyl — 10-inch purple vinyl.

7 | Blur | Blur Present The Special Collector’s Edition

Another first-time-on-vinyl release. This one was on CD the first time around for its 1994 release — and that was only in Japan.

8 | Carole King | The Legendary Demos

There aren’t many Carole King songs that she didn’t do better herself than the artists she wrote them for. Well, Aretha’s version of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman is an obvious exception. I’ve never seen this on vinyl. It originally came out in 2012 and I’ve listened to lots of it via streaming. Would be a nice one to own.

9 | Orville Peck | Bronco

If you don’t own any Orville yet, this is the one to get. His 2022 album is done up for RSD.

10 | Broken Social Scene | You Forgot It In People 20th Anniversary

This incredible album has been available via Arts & Crafts’ website for $30 CAD for a while. I’m not sure if it’s a different version or not but it doesn’t seem like it. If, somehow, you don’t have this album — get it. Absolutely essential.

11 | The Cure | Show

This is the product of the band’s 1992 Wish tour. They originally put it out in 1993, and there were vinyl pressings worldwide, but none since then. So, snap up this beauty two-record set for either the first time or to replace a much-loved old one.

12 | Hüsker Dü | Tonite Longhorn

Oooooh, vintage early live Dü from 1979 and 1980. They were just babies. Somehow this stuff wasn’t on Savage Young Dü? Liner notes by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. Two-record set!

13 | Violent Femmes | Violent Femmes

Copies of the original pressing of this album are stupid expensive. If you don’t own this masterpiece, get this. It’s a perfect record. Their only good one.

14 | Dolly Parton | The Monument Singles

Dolly’s A and B sides from her early singles from 1964-1968. So good.

15 | Sparks | Sparks

Good luck finding the band’s glam debut any other way. Special 50th anniversary issue.

16 | Sparks | A Woofer In Tweeter’s Clothing

Ditto — I’ve never seen this sophomore release anywhere but on Discogs for unreasonable sums of money.

17 | Beach House | Become

This EP features five new songs — or to be more precise, outtakes from their 2022 album Once Twice Melody. But the duo claim they were left off the album due to thematic reasons, not any issue with quality or calibre. So — new stuff!

18 | Canned Heat | Vintage

The band’s “psychedelic” album from 1970 has been out of print since its release. This one’s on splatter vinyl, which is fun, right? This is near the top of my list.

19 | Todd Rundgren | A Wizard/A True Star

Uncle Todd’s experimental album was released 50 years ago as a followup to his hit Something/Anything. It’s essential.

20 | Jason Isbell + Amanda Shires | The Sound Emporium EP

Well, these two are this year’s official RSD ambassadors, so I guess this EP should be on the list. Two new songs, one re-recorded oldie and a Richard Thopmpson cover.

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Area Resident is an Ottawa-based journalist, recording artist, music collector and re-seller. Hear (and buy) his music on Bandcamp, email him HERE, follow him on Instagram and check him out on Discogs.