Norine Braun | Grandma’s Jig: Exclusive Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter celebrates the joys of family with her latest single and video.

Norine Braun kicks up her heels and dances Grandma’s Jig in her new single and animated video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest single from the celebrated Canadian singer-songwriter and recording artist’s recently released concept album Journey Toward Wholeness, Grandma’s Jig premieres arrives on summer solstice and just in time for National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Celebrating the joys of family and togetherness, the song was inspired by conversations Norine had with her birth father while learning about her family history. Her Metis grandmother, who died quite young, loved to sing and jig along with Norine’s grandfather, father, uncles and aunt.

“In my fantasy, I imagined what it might have been like to have known her and I learned about some of the Metis jig steps,” Braun says. “The chorus I wrote is a composite of my all the grandmothers in my life those who raised me and my bloodline. I wanted to honour all my grandmothers in the chorus Metis, German Mennonite, Ukrainian as they all had an important part in making me who I am. The song concludes with two fiddle songs played by Kathleen Nisbet: The Red River Jig, my father’s favourite jigging song, and Big John McNeil which was my grandmother’s favourite jig.”

Along with Braun, Grandma’s Jig features Adam Popowitz on bass, Elliot Polsky on drums and Alice Fraser on keyboards. Director, animator and designer Dylan Moore of Outhouse Cartoons once again captures the band and Braun’s lyrical imagery with his vibrant video. Using the lyrics of the song, he illustrates dancing with Norine’s Metis grandma in a playful and joyous manner. Moore is best known for his humour in works like The Snot That Ate Port Harry (2019), The Case of the Midnight Murderer (2013) and Pork Cops: Smells Like Justice (2014).

Premiering exclusively on Tinnitist at the end of May, Journey Toward Wholeness finds B.C. artist Braun undertaking a spiritual quest that delves deep into her personal journey as an adoptee, exploring her Red River Metis heritage and uncovering a newfound sense of identity and belonging. The soul-based roots-rock album has earned stellar reviews for delivering a rich and evocative experience, combining Braun’s heartfelt vocals with a melodic exploration of identity, heritage, and the universal voyage of self-discovery.

Early in her adult life, Braun had to reconcile the possibility of never knowing the story of her origin or who her ancestors were. Despite this, she found comfort in the belief that somehow her ancestors knew who she was. A decade ago, a DNA test confirmed her Indigenous background but provided no clues about her father. In 2021, following the passing of her adoptive mother, Braun received a life-changing email from a cousin revealing the identity of her birth father. Not only was he alive, but he also knew of Braun and wanted to meet her. The timing was uncanny, as the paternal discovery occurred only two days after her mother’s passing. “In between tears of grief for the loss of my mother, there was great joy at learning who I came from and my lineage,” Braun recounts.

Watch the video for Grandma’s Jig above, listen to Journey Toward Wholeness below, and connect with Norine Braun on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.