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Albums Of The Week: Molina, Talbot, Lofgren & Young | All Roads Lead Home

Just call them A Horse With No Name — and no leader — as Neil Young's greatest (& longest-running) band share the spoitlight on their most democractic LP in decades.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Crazy Horse have always been a band that were meant to be. Formed in the late 1960s as rock ’n’ roll was beginning to take a turn into the ’70s, the band (Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Danny Whitten) had started playing with Neil Young, and, though they didn’t know it then, were going to make history for 50-plus years. And while it is no surprise that Crazy Horse has continued on that quest, their latest release All Roads Lead Home is nothing short of an exciting continuation of their storied career.

It is a statement of power and purpose on what rock ’n’ roll bands can accomplish as the decades pass and musical growth continues. In so many ways, Crazy Horse exist as a party of one in the way they have created something so uniquely original and completely within their own world.

All Roads Lead Home is an album born out of pure inspiration as well as social necessity. Drummer Molina, bassist Talbot and MVP guitarist Nils Lofgren — who first performed with the band in the early ’70s, and returned full-time in 2018 — kept recording their original songs, each with other musicians and in various locations during the pandemic years. They were forced to change from working as a trio with Young, and used that opportunity to see what their new individual configurations would lead to. And, of course they led home.

Photo by Joey Martinez.

The three Crazy Horse members each recorded three songs apart and with different musicians, and by challenging themselves to see what they could do, all arrived at a wondrous consensus of unforgettable music. Crazy Horse haae never made an album like this before. For his part, Young contributes Song Of The Seasons, a live solo version of the song from the Crazy Horse album Barn, as a sign of solidarity with the band of brothers he has shared the stage and studio with since 1969.

In a world that is constantly changing and can swing from deep challenges to glorious creations in a way that feels never-ending, the songs of All Roads Lead Home are a map of both where we’ve all been and where we might be going. In the end, the songs are a reminder of not only the gift of music, but just as important, the gift of friendship. For friends with deep bonds, though at times on different paths, they found that, All Roads Lead Home. Long may they run.”