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Now Hear This: Evil Drop | Evil Drop

With fearsome tunes & vocals that make Lemmy sound like a choirboy, this French indie-rock bass and drums duo grab you by the neck & shake you till you surrender.

THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Evil Drop are an invocation of fat fuzz, punk energy and hardcore spirit, oozing stoner, rhythm and sweat.

We are talking about a duo, yes, but with a bass that becomes a guitar, a drum that becomes a voice, and a voice that becomes a force of nature, Evil Drop are far more than the sum of their parts.

After playing in various bands with more standard lineups, the members of this fearsome indie-rock duo formed at the beginning of 2020 in Niort, France. Rather than looking for additional members, they decided to make their stripped-down sound and approach the core of their identity, hewing to the philosophy that less is more. Though you really couldn’t do more with less than they do on this debut album.

Following on the heels of a debut EP released when the duo was formed, this LP has been released to dry up the demonic tears of an unrestrained energy. The self-titled set has eight raw, massive tracks full of gigantic riffs, aggressively propulsive beats and vocals so ragged and rugged they make Lemmy sound like a choirboy. This will grab you by the neck and shake you till you surrender and beg for more.”