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Albums Of The Week: Grandma’s Ashes | This Too Shall Pass

Fashioned from monumentally grim alt-prog riffage & topped with hazily angelic vocals, the Parisian trio's debut full-length smoulders & burns with rich originality.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grandma’s Ashes sweep away sonic clichés away to deliver something new and bold — a sound at the meeting point of alternative and progressive rock.

Inspired by the ’90s grunge rock scene, their music wavers between loudness and delicacy. They maintain a fragile and smart sonic balance, taking us into their dark, sensitive world where grown women are every bit as disillusioned as they are strong and determined.

This Too Shall Pass showcases the wild range of possibilities offered by the ingenious musicianship and creativity of Grandma’s Ashes. Short interludes — including some gripping, technically magnificent vocals — serve as bright spots illuminating a grim-minded and compelling first album that burns with resentment, desire, melancholy and resilience.

“Everything is going to disappear, including this album, our music and ourselves,” the band say. “This is a way to express the finitude of materiality. It’s dark and disillusioned at the same time, it represents our attitude regarding adulthood; we realise that what we thought was eternal and unshakeable is actually ephemeral, evolves and changes before disappearing forever.”

Takking their cue from the current heavy psychedelic scene in addition to ’90s alt-rock, the Parisian trio stand out with powerful progressive riffage and sarcastic narrative lyrics. Their self-released 2021 debut EP The Fates was a dazzling introduction to their bold sonic personality, showcasing their complex saturated guitars and heavenly vocals. Incubus, Hole or Mars Red Sky are the moons that orbit their distant, esoteric planet, a place where black humour is the official language.

Offbeat, brilliant and entertaining, the three-piece are true live performers. Their hazy sounding and impactful vocals easily create theatrical atmospheres. Freshly endorsed by Oranges Amplifiers, they are going to wreak havoc on stage for quite a while.”