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Albums Of The Week: Mick’s Jaguar | Salvation

Old-school New York rawk is alive and kicking on the hard-hitting crew's second disc.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Born to stalk death and destined to make righteous noise, Mick’s Jaguar are a force to be reckoned with.

Formed in Brooklyn many moons ago as a one-off Rolling Stones cover band for an impromptu New Year’s Eve party, the N.Y.C. collective sound like the bastard son of an unholy union between Judas Priest and Guns N’ Roses.

Their debut album, 2018’s Fame And Fortune, received praise from both American and European press alike, with one review describing their sound thusly: “If Ace Frehley was in Thin Lizzy and it was the summer of 1977 … and they were all really into The Sex Pistols and AC/DC.”

Since then, the band have toured nationwide, made appearances at the inaugural Psycho Smokeout in Los Angeles and Desertfest New York, and opened for legendary punk and hard rock acts like Airborne, The Adicts and Turbonegro’s late/great frontman Hank von Hell.

After losing their bassist in the dense jungle boughs of Thailand, Mick’s Jaguar enlisted the help of close friends Jack Ridley (Drowners) and Aaron Roche (Wye Oak, Anhoni, Toth) to record another round of 10 bar-fighting rock tracks at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Recording with engineer Philip Weinrobe (Adrianne Lenker, Alanis Morissette). The result? Their killer sophomore album Salvation, which once again finds the band living too late, bound for hell and quite possibly claiming the title of greatest rock ’n’ roll band on the planet.

“Like every band says at every show these days, it feels incredible to be back,” says vocalist John Martin. “But after the last three years of bullshit, this is the music you need. We’re stoked to see there’s a new wave of bands coming up that are making music for rock fans like us.”


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