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Lucca Mae | Black Magic: Exclusive Premiere

The singer-songwriter's single hits the sweet spot between soul, R&B & jazz.

Lucca Mae puts you under her spell with the Black Magic of her latest single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A slinky, supple seduction that hits the sweet spot between soul, R&B and jazz — with a dash of flamenco-tinged guitar twang for good measure — the singer-songwriter’s second single is the perfect addition to your late-night playlist. And the perfect introduction to this London-born, Toronto-based artist.

Lucca Mae ventured away from home when she was 18 and spent the last few years establishing her musical style in and around Australia. It was here that she performed as lead singer with the Motet Collective’s Amy Winehouse tribute band, singing a mix of jazz standards and soul. Lucca’s music is predominantly soul-driven but lashes of ska, jazz and R&B definitely come into play in much of her work. Currently based in Toronto, her debut single Next To You was released in August.

Listen to Black Magic below, and follow Lucca Mae on Facebook and Instagram.


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