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Now Hear This: Dream Nails | Dream Nails

I'm still getting caught up on all the good albums I missed last week. Like this one.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London punk witches Dream Nails have released their long-anticipated debut album, the self-titled Dream Nails. The record has a strong emphasis on empowerment and railing against society’s injustices, especially from a queer feminist perspective. It’s an intoxicating and rallying kaleidoscope of righteous rage, tongue-in-cheek commentary on modern constructs and pure riotous fun. Like the single Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns). The track tackles the anxious hellscape that is 21st-century dating and the excruciating pain of being left on read. Dream Nails offer a money-back guarantee if you still care about the cretin who ghosted you after listening to this single on repeat for a whole bus ride home. The band’s singer Janey Starling explains: “For those born beyond the M25, ‘chirpse’ is London slang for flirting and ‘chirpse degree burns’ is our personal slang for the injuries borne from romantic misadventure. The song is a tribute to the gut-wrenching feeling of checking your phone every five minutes to see if your crush has replied.” The band’s drummer Lucy Katz adds “The song started as a joke after a fateful Glastonbury where a couple of band members (who shall forever remain unnamed…) got ghosted by their festival crushes.” For fans of Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin, Dream Wife, The Regrettes and The Ramones, Dream Nails’ live show is a vibrant, all-consuming affair that’ll find you dancing, singing and shouting along in no time.”