Propter Hawk Raise The Curtain On Theatre Of The Whole World

The T.O. newcomers hit the sweet spot between London & Memphis on their debut.

Propter Hawk take flight with their sizzling and soulful debut single Theatre Of The Whole World — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto rock ’n’ roll opening releases buzzes with triumphant energy while telling a relatable story of yearning to escape from the mundane cycle of everyday life — even if you are not prepared to do so.

“People are fascinated by those who go out and explore the world, but they are a lot more fascinated when things go wrong and how they react to it,” explains songwriter and guitarist Andrew Blake. “Seeing what people are capable of enduring, both physically and mentally — I wanted to write about someone who tries to have that experience but doesn’t quite have the spirit or knowledge that they need to endure it. Once I had that concept, the lyrics sort of wrote themselves. I had the entire world to take reference from.”

To capture a combination of Memphis soul and London blues, lead guitarist Alec McEachern utilized an overdriven Les Paul and an old 15-watt practice amp to bring a grungy energy to the exciting track. Propter Hawk also use boisterous horns to get your heart pumping during the chorus, as singer Malorie Blake’s vocals soar above it all.

Established in 2020, Propter Hawk are the sound of Humble Pie, The Beatles, The Band and Otis Redding gathered around a burning barrel at the dark end of an unmarked street. The Blakes and McEachern are joined by Brian Derro (bass) and Jimmy Ruddock (drums), coming together from the broken shards of former bands and desperate classified ads.

Resurfacing from the pandemic with a deluge of material, the band laid down their finely tuned tracks at Pineship Sound in Toronto with Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Zeus. Look for their self-titled debut album soon.

Check out Theatre Of The World above and below, and catch them at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.