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Albums Of The Week: BlackLab | In A Bizarre Dream

The Japanese doom-witch duo unleash unholy riffing hell on their monumentally & massively heavy third album — with help from Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier. No, really.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:BlackLab, the self-proclaimed ‘Doom witch duo from Osaka’ have just unleashed their third album. In A Bizarre Dream ups the ante considerably from its predecessors, letting it rip and redefining what Blacklab are about.

The combined talents of Jun Morino on production and Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Green Lung, Pet Brick, John, Cold In Berlin) on the mix have conspired to produce a towering beast of a record that serves as a massive, monumental step forward for singer-guitarist Yuko Morino and drummer Chia Shiraishi.

The drums have a humungous Fugazi-like wallop and the guitars are a boiling maelstrom of fuzzy, dense riffola and warped psychedelics, with added synths. Yuko’s throat shredding snarls are as mean as a pissed-off Satan, yet somehow manage to be melodious at the same time.

This is doom-meets-hardcore punk, hooky melodies, and killer riffs, all cranked up to the max. Plus there’s a real surprise in there: Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab contributes lead vocals to one track. No, really.

Japan has always had a special take on noise and heavy — and with In A Bizarre Dream, Blacklab add their own spin to that tradition.”


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